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CAYM Tweaks for VP 2023-09-23

2023-09-16 fixed

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1) Unit change:

- SkirmisherLine_Changes

VP fundamentally lacks understanding of archer mounted units. Ranged mounted units must be able to use "hit and run" tactics.
Therefore, melee combat power was reduced and survivability was increased(Promotion withdraw).
more powerful ranged attack, Flankattack 15% increase.


Historically, reconnaissance units were replaced by hot air balloons and airships in the post-industrial era.
And special forces play a role in disrupting enemy cities and aiding infiltration.
The existing elite scouts were converted into special forces to attack cities. (Promotion sapper)

- New units

Bazooka missiles were also expensive, so expendable missiles were made.
Currently, there are many problematic counters that have poor tank presence in terms of survivability relative to production.
The counter also costs money. (This is also true in real wars.) Of course, if the tank is loaded with missiles, it will be terrified. (This is also true in reality.)

Because there were not enough units to upgrade mercenary units, a new unit called professional mercenaries was also created. (PRO PMC)

- Unit image changes

Civilization units are somewhat weak in reflecting realistic graphic images. Improved 3D models of civilizations and improved character images. (e.g. Roman legionaries, Greek spearmen, etc.)


2) balance Change :

- Civilization change, unique unit change

The Mongol Civilization (VP 3.9.1) is so overwhelming that it feels somewhat unrealistic. Fixed some crazy settings. (I think still they have very strong power)

Korean Hwacha and Chinese Chukonnu have been modified. ( referred to Pineappledan's)

- Change terrain

I enjoy playing TSL. But growing bananas on the European "MARSH" set really drove my brain crazy. So we deleted that content.

- Policy changes

I think the current "traditional policy" is wrong.
In the case of Tradition, expanding a city is replaced by increasing population by 1 instead of providing science to compensate for population loss and science.
I am currently researching better policy transitions.

- New building

VP has a lot of buildings in the beginning, but towards the end there are very few buildings, so it can be boring.
To make it a little more fun, I created additional buildings.

Breeding center, Casino, Cemetery, Clocktower, Firestation, GMOlab, Supermarket, Polarsation, RecruitmentOffice, Marina, Skiresort, Safaripark, Shoppingmall, Urbancenter

SpecialThanks to William Howard and VP team, Pineappledan, Murgen, Asterix Rage, Gwennog


just corrected for korean users


3) Improvement change

- New improvement


Can be built outside of friendly territories. Historically, in the past, cities were conquered by building earthen walls. Ranged defense increases, and attack power against cities increases. Can be built by workers and Roman legionaries.

Pontoon Bridge:

You can connect a bridge one space away. Can be crafted using a work boat. You can only build within your own territory.

Investment in iron, coal, and oil:

You can obtain iron, coal, and oil by hiring great engineers. It makes the game more survivable and enjoyable, even if you're in a relatively inhospitable area.

4) Construction changes

- Road construction is so boring. Additionally, slightly faster road building is essential for non-Carthaginian civilizations to enjoy policy "progress".



English text fixed


Traditon code error fixed
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