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CCM1 EuroCentric World map 2018-03-10

World map is set up primarily for the Civ Conquest Mod 1 but may be adapted for other uses.

  1. SteamCiv
    CCMEuroCentric 10 by SteamCiv
    100x100 standard size World map

    The Civ Conquest Modv1 is by Civinator and this World map is set up primarily for that mod but may be adapted for other uses. The world map is standard 100x 100 size to speed gameplay and changed to allow more space in the Europe (ie Britain is now very large, but smaller than previous version) to allow the more numerous European Civs to expand hence Africa and Asia have been reduced considerably in size. Each Civ should have room for 2-3 cities without neighbor overlap at start. Land bridges connecting the continents from an earlier version have been removed, the AI eventually does fine without them!

    This map is a world map with a VERY enlarged Europe to accommodate the large number of civilizations there relative to what is found in other regions.

    The resources have been placed where you might expect them, no elephants should be dwelling in Canada!

    Version 10:
    Since CCM Statue of Zeus does not use ivory, elephants (for ivory) have been removed from Greece. Also some luxury resources have been moved--ie some silks shifted from Japan to the mainland near China. Goody huts too near startng locations have been shifted further away.

    Version 9:
    Removed land bridges, reduced size of Britain area

    Version 5
    Original release version


    If you wish for a more random experience on the world map, here is how---

    Open up the Civ 3 editor and Rules > edit > Natural Resources; make suggested changes as below

    Natural resource redistribution
    FISH strategic 900 (lower number for less fish)
    Whales strategic 200
    OASIS strategic 100

    If you use luxury, the resources will clump together, ie groups of 3-5 fish or more will appear in one area. Test and adjust until you are satisfied with the outcome.

    Map >Redistribute Natural resources.
    Map >Redistribute goody huts.

    I suggest you do this without looking at the map too closely else you may spoil the fun as to which Civ has 10 silk resources generated near its start location.

    Once done, set back to bonus resource.


    Some optional rules adjustment for smaller map suggestions:
    1-- Set settler creation rate from the palace to 40 instead of 20 turns in the editor. Req. Support is unchecked. This is to help the AI since on a smaller map, they cannot use up all the settlers and instead stockpile them in the cities wasting support costs.
    2-- Aircraft may be set for 1/2 or 1/3rd less operational range.

    To use
    Place in your scenarios folder ie C:\Program Files\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios

    Select CIV 3 content and select CCM_EuroCentric10(Standard).biq

    Select who you want to play and you are off to conquest and glory!


    1. CCM_1EuroCentric10.jpg