CCM2.50 22 December 2019

C3C Expansion Mod

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    Warning! Download size 3,91 GB !

    Unofficial expansion of C3C. This mod of the C3C epic game contains thousands of units, 256 buildings, completely reworked techtrees, tons of leaderheads, 4 different sets of terrain, improved city view graphics and the 'Space Race to Mars'. The 22 December 2019 update of CCM2.50 holds all files of the CCM2.50 patch.

    CCM2.50 must be installed into the C3C mainfolder. Detailed instructions and informations are in the first page of the CCM2 thread at CFC:

    The CCM2.50 expansion is also needed to play the upcoming versions of the mods CCM1, RARR and the scenario WW2 Global Gold.

    It holds the following improvments compared to standard C3C: ICS-tactic (Infinite City Sprawl) stopped, improved religious implementation, advanced automatic unit production, considerably reduced waste and corruption, virtually eliminated pollution, elimination of the hyperlink-bug, eraspecific leaders for every civ, short bloody revolutions, improved rules of movement, improved workers and super-workers, improved AI-Routine for land artillery, culture-bombing, supply shipments and the in-game help.

    The exe 4 of Antal1987 fixes the Scientific Golden Age, fixes graphical glitches in the programming of civilopedia graphics and allows the building of canals. The mod can also be played without that exe, too.

    You can find more detailed informations and instructions for installing this expansion mod at CFC in the CCM2 thread.

    Spoiler :
    Title Screen:


    Space Race:

    Eraspecific leaders:

    City View:

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