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Celtic Warrior 2016-10-05

This is a unit from zulu9812's latest unit request thread. Since the Celts already have the Gallic Swordsman, I don't know how this can be used. But, maybe someone will find it useful. :)

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Thats a pretty cool unit:goodjob:
This is no warrior - it's Celtic Medieval Infantry. Set it up to replace Medieval Infantry for the Celt Civilization - As the Celts did not survive as a nation into the middle ages, units such as this are vital for perpetuating a Celt civ and making it a 'what if they had survived?' kind of scenario. No one can really say what Celtic Medieval Infantry would have looked like - why not this??
You can give them the amphib ability - or maybe allow them to build roads and forts like the crusader - the possibilities are endless. If no one can say what they looked like, who's to say what they could or couldn't do? You - that's who! Cya! :lol:
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