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Chartres Cathedral Wonder 2016-10-05

Chartres Cathedral Wonder

  1. Pouakai
    Chartres Cathedral

    The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Chartres is a medieval Roman Rite Catholic church in Chartres in France. The building is one of the best examples of French Gothic architecture and is a World Heritage Site. The current cathedral is the the fifth in the town’s history as it became a bishopric in the 4th century, the current structure had begun construction after a fire ruined the previous structure in 1194. Since the 12th century the cathedral is a popular site for Christian pilgrims and visitors, all to see the building’s infamous relic - the Sancta Camisa, a tunic said to be worn by the Virgin Mary during the birth of Christ. During the Middle Ages the cathedral was also a cathedral school, Bishop Fulbert in the 11th century established Chartres as a leading school in Europe. By the new century the status of the cathedral was on the wane as the University of Paris grew into prominence and the emphasis of the cathedral moved away from education. Available with Machinery, Chartres Cathedral provides faith equal to 10% of the output of all cities which have a trade route to the city in which it is built, and gives +1 gold to the city owner and another to the trade route owner for trade routes in the city.


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