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Chinese New Year Wonder Pack 2016-10-05

Chinese New Year Wonder Pack

  1. Pouakai
    Chinese New Year
    Gong xi fa cai!

    Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, and to celebrate the coming of such an auspicious year five wonders of China have been made ready for inclusion. From the Yellow Crane Tower, built on the site of a legendary departure, to the Shanghai World Financial Center, a marvel of engineering; from a temple built into the side of a cliff to a drum tower built under the reign of the mighty Kublai Khan, and the most intact pass of the Great Wall. ​


    1. cny_01_P5k.jpg
    2. cny_02_8eF.jpg
    3. cny_03_d96.jpg
    4. cny_04_589.jpg
    5. cny_05_230.jpg
    6. cny_06_g5l.jpg
    7. cny_07_6No.jpg
    8. cny_08_MHX.jpg
    9. cny_09_m5A.jpg
    10. cny_10_Lv7.jpg
    11. cny_11_k98.jpg
    12. cny_12_7Jg.jpg