Chronicles 1.3 2016-10-05

Chronicles 1.3

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    This is a module compilation for Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn.
    Recently it contains only three modules but I am planning more (if I will have enough time and the right mood).

    1. Download
    2. Extract to your Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn folder (It is wise to remove ver 1.0 before)
    3. Start the launcher and check the modules you want to play with.
    4. Run the game.

    What's new in 1.3?

    Balancing Civic Reforms module.


    Spoiler :


    == Specialists ==

    Changing Android (specialist) stats and making it visible
    Magister: +1commerce, +1espionage (was +3), +0.34 :)
    Great Diplomat: +2commerce (was +4), +3espionage (was +6), +2 :)
    Adding 2 new specialists:
    Doctor: +1 Science, +1 health, 3 Great Scientist points
    Peasant: +1 hammer, +1 food

    == Civics ==

    Adding 2 new civics:
    Pastoral nomads (labor) as an early alternative to Subsistence and Slavery
    Belligerence (stance) as an early alternative for warmongering

    Despotism: removing the "Cities require 50% more food" penalty; -20 war weariness
    Republic: 1 unhappy per 5% foreign culture
    Republic and Democracy: +1 diplomacy with other Republics and Democracies
    Monarchy: Moving gold and production bonus for Castle, Walls and High Walls, and production bonus Archer, Longbowman, Knight and Noble Knight to Vassalage

    Senate: a free Magister

    Caste +1 :) with Slave Market
    Feudalism: +0.25gold from Peasants

    State Church and Free Church: "Can build missionaries without monasteries" removed
    Prophets: Can build missionaries without monasteries; +1free priest in every city; -1 gold from priests; +20%GPP removed
    Divine Cult: Removing -20% Great People rate

    Private: -0.25gold from Doctors
    Corporate: +1gold from Doctors
    Subsidized: +1science from Doctors
    Socialized: unlimited Doctors
    Superhuman: +1sciemce and +1culture from Doctors
    State of Emergency: +1free Doctor in every city

    Oral Tradition:
    iDistanceMaintenanceModifier and iNumCitiesMaintenanceModifier down to 33 (from 50)
    Culture and Science to -15% (from -20%)
    no more penalty on Priest specialist

    *Territory Governance*
    Tribes (Territory Governance)
    +25% hammers in capital instead +15% in all cities
    Fiefdom: a free Noble
    City states: increasing happiness penalty for being over the limit to 2 from 1

    Android (Labor): unlimited Android Workers
    Serfdom: unlimited Peasants

    Controlled Borders: removed happiness penalty for population overcrowding
    Open Immigration: reducing great people rate to 20% (from 50%); replacing 1 unhappy in all cities penalty with 1 unhappy per 20% foreign culture; +1 diplomacy bonus with other civs with Open Immigration (instead of the penalty with civs not running it).

    Exploration: +10% research
    Prosperity: upkeep set to High (from Low); removed +1:) in all cities

    == Buildings ==

    Shanty Town provides a free specialist instead of +3 hammers and +3 commerce
    Adding Guilds buildings from VIP mod and disabling original Guild Hall civic building
    Placing Peasant slots on Granary(1), Incan Terrace(1), Grain Silo(3), Manor(2), Villa(2), Estate(2), Hydroponic Farm(3), Farm Scraper(6)
    Placing Doctor slots on Foundation(1), Social Services(2), Auxiliary Body Exchange(3) (also: health and :) down to 3 from 5), Doctor's Office(1), Hospital(2), Regenerator(3), Apothecary(1), Pharmacy(2), Medical Clinic(4), Research Hospital(4), Centers for Disease Control(4, instead of the 2 Scientist), Red Cross(4), Herbalist(1)
    Hippocratic Oath
    free Apothecary in every city
    +2science from Doctors
    removed +2 health in every city
    School of Medicine
    +0.5science from Doctors
    School of Law
    +0.5espionage from Magisters
    Holy Office: +5 stability, +1 :) with Intolerant, requires Religious censorship

    =New Civic buildings=
    Refugee Camp for No Borders and Open Migration
    Labor Camp, Reeducation Program, Secret Police for Despotism

    == Other ==

    Removed Slave Camp and Slave (resource) from previous version


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