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Chronicles 1.4

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    This is a module compilation for Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn.
    Recently it contains only three modules but I am planning more (if I will have enough time and the right mood).

    1. Download
    2. Extract to your Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn folder (It is wise to remove ver 1.0 before)
    3. Start the launcher and check the modules you want to play with.
    4. Run the game.

    What's new in 1.4?

    Civic Reforms module change log:

    Spoiler :

    == Civics ==


    Added +50% production bonus to Military Base,

    Removed infinite noble bonus
    Nobles get +1 culture

    Axed the +25% gold from Capital

    +20% research and +5% culture in all cities changed to +15% research and culture in all cities
    Axed the +25% gold and culture from capital

    * Foreigner Unhappiness *
    Standardizing <iForeignerUnhappyPercent> at 1 unhappiness per 10% foreign culture for Chiefdom, Despotism, Monarchy and Republic. Only Democrocy is at 0.


    Reduced upkeep cost to None
    Axed the military production bonus
    Reduced overpopulation happiness penalty to +25%
    Added: Cities need 25% more food to grow

    Removed the free military units bonus
    Garrison and Military base provide happiness too

    Axed GP birth rate bonus with state religion
    +1 gold from Priest replaced with +0.5 science
    Holy Office gets +1 happy

    Increased capital gold bonus to +20%
    Added +20% production in capital
    Added +20% distance to palace and number of cities maintenance

    +1 :) in all cities replaced -25% unhappiness for overpopulation

    Added 25% unhappiness for overpopulation
    Added +25% mainenance for overseas cities


    Increased unhappy from Labor Camp to +3
    Added +3 unhappy from Slave Market

    Increased Anarchy length from 1 to 2


    Removed -20% research penalty
    Added -90% commerce from domestic connections


    Removed the -15% penalty to food and production
    Removed the +50% production bonus to recon units
    Added +100% more food for cities to grow

    Removing happines and population overcrowding penalties

    Increased unhappy from labor camp to +3


    No more free nobles
    Nobles get +1 Espioange now

    Gives -10Xp but new civic building gives free Combat I and II


    Many changes for balancing reasons


    Cutting Virtual (Rule) and State of Emergency (Stance) civics

    == Buildings ==

    Re-enabling Guild Hall to be built with Guild civic and setting it as a requirement as all the guild specific guild halls
    Voting Link is moved to Democracy, with the following changes:
    +3% Anarchy lenght per building
    +50% war weariness
    Mount Rushmore is now a world wonder, also add +1 culture for Magisters
    No tech requirement (only the civic)
    UnitClassProductionModifiers for certain ships moved from Exploration civic to this building
    Monument of the Dictator: +1 wonder capacity
    Irrigation Canal: can turn 1 citizen into Peasant

    New civic buildings: Rally Flag, Merenary Camp, Pen, Sage, Emperor's Altar, Caesareum, Prelacy, Grange, Unity Link, Group Mind, Gymnopaedia, Commercial Agency, Government Office

    == Other ==

    Lots of civics and buildings changed to "reactivate" War weariness as a feature.
    Greatly incresing iDistanceMaintenancePercent and iNumCitiesMaintenancePercent for Prince and harder difficulties to prevent humen controlled civs grow too large, or at least to make it a bigger chalange :)

    == Credit ==

    Thanks for thegreekweegee for his feedback, I have added many of his ideas.

    Jewels of the Land module change log:

    Spoiler :
    Adding Chronicles_SmartMap, a slightly modified mapscript that is updated to work with the module.
    Storm can appear on land too and increased its overall appearance.


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