Chronicles of Mankind

This is a full install of Chronicles of Mankind 1.1, a modmod of Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn.

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    Chronicles of Mankind
    ver 1.1

    This is a full install of Chronicles of Mankind 1.1, so if you have any older version, it is best to delete that version first and than create a clean install.

    The theme of this version is Wonders:
    17 new wonders are added.
    56 new movies are added for existing wonders and projects.
    A new feature added: "Difficulty Scaling with Empire Size"
    Some other tweaks and balance changes.​

    Spoiler Change Log :


    Removed "Wonder/Full Cities" module

    dll updated to rev.1091

    (NEW FEATURE) "Difficulty Scaling with Empire Size"
    A new dummy building (simply named 'City) provides stacking malus:
    Great People Rate, Great General Rate, Golden Age Length, Culture are all decreased by 1% per City
    Anarchy Length, War Weariness, Hurry Production Cost are all increased by 1% per City


    removed all yield bonus to Gathering improvements

    AIweight down to 0 (was +50)


    removed culture doubling over time

    Elder Council:
    upgrades to Village Hall line
    50% faster production of Village Hall

    Village Hall line reworked:
    removed free specialist per improvements
    each building has 50% faster production of the next one in line (was 15%)
    maintenance modifiers changed
    from +15/+25/+35/+75/+100 %
    to -15/-25/-35/-50/-75 %
    Wonder Capacity increment changed
    from +0/+0/+1/+2/+3
    to +0/+0/+0/+1/+2

    Myth of the Hero:
    requires a Culture Level of Fledgling or better
    removed +5% Great General Emergence
    free Brave promotion to Melee, Archer, Mounted and Recon units

    Hemp added to list of resources

    Public Transportation:
    Maintenance changed from +10% to +25%
    Health changed from +2 to -2
    no bonus Health from Oil
    requires Oil or Oil Products
    +1 free specialist per Village, Town, Suburb

    Personel Rapid Train:
    Maintenance changed from +10% to +25%
    Health changed from +2 to -2
    Happiness bonus removed
    no bonus Health from Oil
    requires Access to Power
    +1 free specialist per Village, Town, Suburb, Fishing Village, Fishing Town, Submegerd Town

    Maintenance changed to +25%
    Health bonus removed
    Happiness bonus removed
    +1 free specialist per Village, Town, Suburb, Fishing Village, Fishing Town, Submegerd Town

    new model

    Vacation Resort:
    new graphics

    (NEW) Ski Lodge:
    same as Vacation Resort but for cold climate

    Convention Center:
    Ski Lodge added as OR requirement

    Security Center:
    +50% espionage

    Wonders and Projets

    Hill of Tara:
    free Elder Council in every city (was Village Hall)

    Propaganda Net:
    no longer requires Political Cenzorship civic
    requires to be at war

    Holy Office:
    reworked fully
    +2 Espionage Points from All State Religion Buildings
    national limit changed to 1

    Scotland Yard:
    turned into a real World Wonder
    +1 :) per 10% Espionage rate in all cities

    National Anthem:
    no longer requires Natoinalist civic
    +4 Culture axed
    +2 Culture in all cities

    new wonders:
    Grand Canal
    Empire State Building
    Rialto Bridge
    Hundertwasses Hause
    Great Harbor
    Big Ben
    Gate of the Sun
    Nazca Lines
    Fort Knox
    Burj Al Arabs
    AI Entity
    Sydney Opera House
    Basilica Cistern
    The Motherland Calls

    new movies for:
    Moai Statues
    Olympic Games
    Circus Maximus (edited)
    Globe Theatre
    Iron Works
    Military Academy
    National Epic
    National Park
    Wall Street
    National Mint
    Petra (replacing previous one)
    Sphinx (edited)
    Gardens by the Bay (and new model)
    Blarney Castle
    Venus of Willendorf
    Apollo Program
    Dino Park
    Pleistocene Park
    Independence Hall
    Great Firewall
    Orbital Hotel
    Zurich Orbital
    Deep Core Mine
    East India Company (replacing German vesion with English)
    Fusion Power Plant
    Human Genome
    Anti Ballistic Misiles
    The Agency (replacing German vesion with English)
    Universal Translator
    Communications Sattelites
    Edison's Workshop
    Heroic Epic
    Las Vegas
    Broadcast Network
    World News Network
    Oxford University
    Red Cross
    Scotland Yard
    West Point
    World Trade Center


    (New) Brave:
    +1 First Strike Chance


    Many later improvements yield less gold when pillaged

    all 3 types of Gathering has a base +1 yield
    -1 yield with Currency tech

    Fort upgrades to Bunker

    Bunker upgrades to Command Center

    Aquatic Anti-Air Defence:
    renamed to Aqua-Fort
    requires Metamaterials
    +50% tile defence
    +20% air defence
    acts as a city
    upgrades to Aquatic Forcefield

    Aquatic Forcefield:
    +75% tile defence
    +40% air defence
    acts as a city

    Submegerd Town:
    +2 hammers axed

    (NEW) Suburb:
    Civil Engineering allows Town to upgrade to Suburb
    Consumerism allows to build Suburb


    requires The Wheel

    requires The Wheel


    Great Spy:
    can build Interpol (not Scotland Yard)
    upgrades to Top Secret Agent

    Top Secret Agent:
    no longer a national unit
    no longer requires Scotland Yard
    cannot be trained, only upgraded from a Great Spy
    Escape Artist II added to promotions