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Chronicles2 2017-01-05

Modular modmod for Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn 2.

  1. Zeta Nexus

    Chronicles is a modular modmod for Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn 2.
    It aims on complexity and realism but tries not to be overly complicated.​


    :badcomp: HOTFIX 2.0.2 :badcomp:
    Patch must be applied to work properly!!!

    1. Download
    2. Extract to your Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn folder (It is wise to remove ver 1.0 before)
    3. Start the launcher and check the modules you want to play with.
    4. Run the game.
    5. Enjoy :c5happy:

    None yet...

    Plans and todos:
    • balancing, balancing, balancing
    • religions
    • more ancient era stuff
    • more future era stuff
    • remember the other things I had in mind...

    • AND2 team for the great mod they created to further mod
    • literally each and every mod on Civfanatics, even if it was just an icon or a little idea I have taken from it
    • thegreekweegee, for his abundant feedback
    • (let me know if I forgot someone)


    1. Chronicles.jpg