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City Original Owner Info 1.1

Indicates cities owned by non-original owner, and states who original owner/founder was

  1. Trigan Emperor


    This mod indicates cities that are owned by someone other than their original owner/founder, and which have therefore changed ownership over the course of the game, such as through being captured in war or loyalty-flipping after rebellion. The mod also states who the original owner/founder of the city was.

    The mod accomplishes these things through the use of new City Icons and added tooltip descriptions, as described below.

    City Icons

    Major Civilization cities that were originally owned by someone else get new City Icons, which appear in the Capital City icon slot in the city banner:

    - Cities that were originally owned by another Major Civilization get an Original Owner Major Civ icon.

    - Cities that were originally an independent city-state get an Original Owner Minor Civ icon.

    Note: A current capital city's Capital City icon will take priority over these icons.

    Tooltip descriptions

    Major Civilization cities and Free Cities that were originally owned by someone else get an added line of text in the City Icon tooltip infobox. The infobox appears when hovering the cursor over the City Icon.

    If the original owner of the city was a Major Civilization, then the text will read:

    "- Original city of [Major Civilization name]"

    Or if the city was originally a capital:

    "- Original city (capital) of [Major Civilization name]"

    Note: As in the base game, captured capitals also get a separate Captured Capital City icon in the city banner.

    If the original owner of the city was a city-state, then the text will read:

    "- Original city of [Minor Civilization name] (city-state)"


    Requires Gathering Storm DLC.

    The mod is save game compatible, so it can be loaded into or out of existing games. The mod only affects the display of the city banner and doesn't affect gameplay.

    Probably won't work with mods that replace the CityBannerManager.lua file, although I'm not aware of any mods that do. It's compatible with mods that otherwise use the city banner, such as 'Sukritact's Simple UI Adjustments' and 'Tomatekh's Historical Religions' mods.

    Other Languages

    Currently only supports English language, although other languages could easily be added by making new entries in the mod's CityOriginalOwnerInfo_Text.xml file, in the correct code formatting.

    [This mod can be found on Steam Workshop here.]

Recent Updates

  1. Compatible with May 2020 Update