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City Screen Building Files for 256 Buildings 2016-10-05

City Screen Building Files for 256 Buildings

  1. GenMarshall
    Today Stormi wrote me a message that I should post some "Civ-stuff".

    O.k., here are buildings-large and buildings-small files for the City Screen folder, that are capable to hold all 256 buildings that are possible for C3C. I made them for SOE. The slots are numbered and start with "0" (as the improvement numbers in the pediaicons file and editor also start with "0") and go to 255.

    The number-bug by FIRAXIS in these files (numbers 30-32 are missing) and the wrong start with number "1" instead of "0" are not in these files and I hope there are no cut and paste distortions in these files, too.

    If you want to name the buildings in these files: On the right side of the slots there is enough place to do this.