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City Size Prerequisite Mod 2016-10-05

City Size Prerequisite Mod

  1. OrionVeteran
    City Size Prerequisite SDK Mod Component for BTS 3.19

    What this mod does: This mod allows you to set a minimum city size prerequisite for a unit or a building. The effect prevents you from training a unit or constructing a building, when the city does not have the minimum specified population prerequisite value. There are two new tags for the XML:

    <iCitySizeUnitPrereq> in CIV4UnitInfos.xml

    <iCitySizeBldPrereq> in CIV4BuildingInfos.xml

    The new tags are not required for the XML to load properly, so you can apply them only to the units or buildings that require a city size prerequisite. The download XML includes only one example for each tag. Locate the tags for the Archer unit and the Barracks, which each have the respective minimum city size prerequisite value set to 4. I must thank Shqype, as this mod is a conversion of his original idea to be compatible with BTS 3.19, but now it includes a unit expansion to provide greater flexability. For modders, I have tried to make merging easy. Just look for: "City Size Prerequisite" to identify the changes made in the SDK.


    1. citysize3_0dF.jpg
    2. citysize4_jHA.jpg
    3. archer_pQJ.jpg
    4. barracks_a1l.jpg