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City State Balance Mod 1.1

Reduces city-state bonuses to be in line with other modifiers.

  1. OneLeggedRhino

    Reduces city-state bonuses to be in line with other modifiers:

    1 envoy: +1 yield in capital
    3 envoys: +1 yield for the district
    6 envoys: Additional +1 yield for the district

    City-state bonuses are still impactful, but no longer overshadow city production / yields.

    Kumasi and Nan Madol's Suzerain bonuses are also nerfed, they're +1 culture per district now.


    Unzip into "..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods"

    Select the mod under "Additional Content" and start a new game.

    Why Do This?

    City state yields overwhelm a city's other modifiers. Compare:

    Early game: Your first civic gives +1 faith and +1 gold, and costs a civic slot that could give +1 production. But city states give +2 faith or +4 gold, with no tradeoffs.

    Mid game: A well-placed Commerce District with a river, harbor, and 2 adjacent districts has +5 GPT. But a 6-envoy city state gives +8 GPT to every Commerce District, even poorly-positioned ones.

    City state bonuses shouldn't overpower your city's natural yields.

    This mod sets city-state bonuses to 1 at all levels. (6 envoys adds a second bonus, for +2 total).

    At one envoy, the +1 bonus is in line with the early civics. At 6 envoys, the +2 bonus to districts is in line with other adjacency bonuses. City states still impact the game, but no longer overwhelm your actual decisions.

    To really eliminate the luck in the early game, I recommend also using the No Free Envoy mod: http://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/city-states-no-free-first-encounter-envoy.603297/

Recent Updates

  1. Text in Envoy window fixed!

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