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City States Expansion 2016-10-05

City States Expansion

  1. Hiram
    Adds more city states to base game, particularly in Africa, Oceania and the Americas. This mod has been designed to be compatible with many of the civs created by mod makers on Steam Workshop and Civfanatics. Refer to my favourites for a list of suggested civs. Combine them with this mod and you can make some pretty fantastic TSL Earth scenarios!

    List of new city states (Updated as of 19/05/14)

    Africa: Accra, Bangui, Benghazi, Djibouti, Dongola, Kampala, Kano, Khartoum, Kisongo, Lome, Luanda, Lusaka, Monrovia, Nouakchott, Port Louis, Praia, Serowe, Yaounde

    Asia: Bandar Seri Begawan, Birobidzhan, Dhaka, Dili, Doha, Garhgaon, Gonur, Gurganj, Gveilinz, Ishikari, Jiroft, Malé, Namagza-Tepe, Palana, Palmyra, Pondicherry, Sana'a, Sanggyeong, Sharuhen, Sukhumi, Tyr, Ulan Ude, Yakutsk

    Europe: Danzig, Dubasari, Kazan, Nantes, Naples, Oppidum Batavorum, Panticapaeum, Petroskoi, Przemysl, Reykjavik

    North America: Akutan, Awaswas, Belmopan, Bermuda, Boriken, Clatsop, Immokalee, Kusa, Mérida, Nez Perce, Paiute, Red River, San Jose, San Salvador, St Johns, Window Rock, Xochicalco

    Oceania: Bamaga, Honiara, Koror, Nain, Noumea, Port Moresby, Suva, Vila

    South America: Areoes, Cayenne, Georgetown, Panamarca, Paramaribo, Stanley, Trinidad, Ushuaia, Watoriki


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