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City States Leaders II (extra-compatible version) 2016-10-05

City States Leaders II (extra-compatible version)

  1. Nutty
    City States Leaders II
    for Civilization V (vanilla), Civilization V: Gods + Kings, and Civilization V: Brave New World

    Adds leader icons to city state screens, making it easier to remember who is who.
    v7 BETA 5 (RC1)

    This is an upgrade to "City States Leaders" by mihaifx.

    Note you should have a >1000 vertical resolution to use this compatible version.
    This version provides better compatibility with other mods (e.g., Vox Populi/Community Balance Patch, City State Diplomacy, City States Gifts, and Communitas)
    However, Enhanced UI is only compatible with the full version.

    Also see the Modern Flags Artpack for the compatible version.

    Almaty : knightmare13 (Janybek Khan 'the Wise' of the Kazakh Khanate)
    Antananarivo : Nutty (Queen Ranavalona I of the Kingdom of Madagascar)
    Antananarivo : TPangolin (King Andrianampoinimerina of the Kingdom of Imerina)
    Antwerp : janboruta (Count Robert III 'the Lion' of Flanders)
    Belgrade : janboruta (Grand Leader Karadorde Petrovic of Serbia)
    Bethlehem : J. Lievens/Nutty (King Guy of Lusignan of the Kingdom of Jerusalem)
    Bogota : Leugi (President Simon Bolivar of Gran Colombia)
    Bratislava : J. Kohler/Nutty (King Svatopluk I 'the Great' of Great Moravia)
    Brussels : janboruta (King Leopold II of the Belgians)
    Bucharest : janboruta (Prince Vlad III 'the Impaler' of Wallachia)
    Budapest : janboruta (King Stephen I 'the Saint' of the Hungarians)
    Buenos Aires : Leugi (Eva Peron of Argentina)
    Buenos Aires : Leugi (General Don Jose de San Martin of Cuyo, United Provinces)
    Byblos : LastSword (King Ahiram of Byblos)
    Cahokia : H. Roe/Nutty (King Birdman of the Mississippians)
    Cahokia : H. Roe/TPangolin (King Birdman of the Mississippians)
    Cape Town : janboruta (Commander Jan van Riebeeck of Cape Town)
    Colombo : knightmare13 (Prime Minister D.S Senanayake of Ceylon)
    Dubai : TPangolin (Prime Minister Shiekh Mohammed Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates)
    Dublin : B. Mulrenin/Nutty (Lord Mayor Daniel O'Connell 'the Liberator' of Dublin)
    Edinburgh : LastSword (King James VI of Scots)
    Florence : sukritact (Lorenzo de'Medici 'the Magnificent' of Florence)
    Geneva : janboruta (Pastor John Calvin of Geneva)
    Genoa : janboruta (Condottiero Andrea Doria of Genoa)
    Genovia : knightmare13 (Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia)
    Hanoi : davey_henninger (Emperor Ly Thai To 'the Revered' of Dai Viet)
    Hanoi : knightmare13 (President Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam)
    Helsinki : Hypereon (President Gustaf Mannerheim of Finland)
    Hong Kong : TPangolin (Sir Kai Ho of Hong Kong)
    Ife : janboruta (Ooni Akinmoyero of Ife)
    Jakarta : Firaxis (Prime Minister Gajah Mada of the Majapahit Empire)
    Jerusalem : Leugi (King Solomon 'the Wise' of Israel)
    Kabul : LastSword (Emir Ahmad Shah Durrani of Afghanistan)
    Kabul : TPangolin (Emir Ahmad Shah Durrani of Afghanistan)
    Kathmandu : Leugi (King Tribhuvan of Nepal)
    Kiev : janboruta (Grand Prince Yaroslav 'the Wise' of Kiev)
    Kuala Lumpur : TPangolin (Kapitan Yap Ah Loy of Kuala Lumpur)
    Kyzyl : Nutty (Chairperson Khertek Anchimaa-Toka of the Little Khural)
    La Venta : LastSword (Ku Po Ngbe of the Olmec)
    La Venta : Leugi (Ku Po Ngbe of the Olmec)
    Lhasa : sukritact (Dalai Lama Thubten Gyatso of Tibet)
    Lisbon : Firaxis (Queen Maria I of Portugal)
    Lisbon : janboruta (King Joao II 'the Perfect Prince' of Portugal)
    Malacca : Nutty (Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah)
    Manila : knightmare13 (Jose Rizal of the Philippines)
    Marrakech : Firaxis (Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur 'the Golden' of Morocco)
    Mbanza Kongo : Leugi (Queen Njinga Mbande of Andongo)
    Melbourne : TPangolin (John Batman of Melbourne)
    Milan : janboruta (Duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti of Milan)
    Mogadishu : TPangolin (President Aden Adde of Somalia)
    Mombasa : knightmare13 (President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya)
    Monaco : knightmare13 (Prince Rainier III of Monaco)
    Montevideo : P. Alonso/TPangolin (Governor Bruno Mauricio de Zabala of Rio de la Plata)
    Ormus : knightmare13 (Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Ormus)
    Panama City : Leugi (General Victoriano Lorenzo of Panama)
    Prague : janboruta (King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia)
    Quebec City : davey_henninger (Prime Minister John A. MacDonald of Canada)
    Ragusa : Nutty (Duke Auguste de Marmont 'the Betrayer' of Ragusa)
    Riga : TPangolin (President Janis Cakste of Latvia)
    Rio De Janeiro : Firaxis (Emperor Pedro II 'the Magnanimous' of Brazil)
    Samarkand : M. Gerasimov/LastSword (Emir Timur 'the Lame' of the Timurid Empire)
    Samarkand : Tomatekh (Emir Timur 'the Lame' of the Timurid Empire)
    Sidon : Leugi (King Eshmunazar II of Sidon)
    Singapore : TPangolin (Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore)
    Sofia : D. Giudjenov/Nutty (Tsar Simeon I 'the Great' of the Bulgarians)
    Sofia : D. Giudjenov/TPangolin (Tsar Simeon I 'the Great' of the Bulgarians)
    Steelport : Vice Virtuoso (Joe Magarac of Steelport)
    Stockholm : Firaxis (King Gustavus Adolphus 'the Great' of Sweden)
    Sydney : TPangolin (Governor Arthur Phillip of New South Wales)
    Sydney : TPangolin (Premier Sir Henry Parkes of New South Wales)
    Tripoli : F. Duran (Admiral Turgut Reis of Libya)
    Tyre : LastSword (King Hiram I of Tyre)
    Ur : janboruta (King Eannatum of Sumer)
    Valletta : TPangolin (Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris of the Knights of Malta)
    Vancouver : TPangolin (Prime Minister Mackenzie King of Canada)
    Vatican City : janboruta (Pope Pius IX 'the Blessed' of the Vatican)
    Venice : Firaxis (Doge Enrico Dandolo of Venice)
    Vienna : Firaxis (Empress Maria Theresa of the Holy Roman Empire)
    Vilnius : LastSword (Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania)
    Wadiya : knightmare13 (President Prime Minister Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen of Wadiya)
    Warsaw : Firaxis (King Casimir III 'the Great' of Poland)
    Wellington : JFD (Richard Seddon of New Zealand)
    Wellington : TPangolin (Premier Henry Sewell of New Zealand)
    Wittenberg : janboruta (Prince Elector Frederick III of Saxony)
    Yerevan : Leugi (Emperor Tigranes II 'the Great' of Armenia)
    Zanzibar : sukritact (Sultan Majid bin Said of Zanzibar)
    Zurich : JFD (Guillaume-Henri Dufour of the Swiss Confederation)
    Zurich : Krateng (Cardinal Matthaus Schiner of the Swiss Confederacy)
    Zurich : G. Closs/TPangolin (Mayor Rudolf Brun of Zurich)


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