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Civ 5 BNW : Hulfgar's Modpack Complete Edition Version 15 10/25/2016

Civ 5 BNW : Hulfgar's Modpack Complete Edition

  1. Civ 5 BNW : Hulfgar's Modpack Complete Edition v15

    Correction in the Mining Script : resources found will be correctly added to the player's supply.

    New skins from Snafusmith for the following units :
    BRDM2 Armored Car (Armored Infantry) : Peru skin used for all south american civs, Iraq skin used for Assyria, Babylon and Carthage, Soviet skin used for Mongols and Huns
    2S1Gvozdika Mobil Artillery (for Russia, Poland, Huns, Mongol, China, Assyrya, Babylon, Carthage, Persia and Ethiopia)
    CAC Boormerang as WW2 Fighter for NZ, Polynesia
    Hanriot HD1 WW1 fighter, used for the Aztecs
    Halberstadt DII WW1 fighter, used for Austria

    HMS Dreadnought (used as Dreadnought generic skin)
    SMS Elster (Torpdoeboat) used for the Patrol Boat

    155mm De Bange Cannon (used as Coastal Battery)
    French 75mm Field Gun
    French 320mm Railroad Artillery

    US WW1 Tank
    Iroquois WW1 Tank
    German WW1 Tank
    English WW1 Tank
    Celt WW1 Tank

    Oil requirement for the AA Gun removed

    The file linked for download is complete with all the required sub mods.

    The same mod as MP Modpack
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