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Civ 5 BNW : Hulfgar's Modpack Extended Edition version 16 10/29/2016

Civ 5 BNW : Hulfgar's Modpack Extended Edition

  1. Hulfgar
    Version 15 updated 06/08/2016

    Features :
    This mod contains all the features of the Complete Edition and has an expanded Tech Tree in the Futur Era.

    You can research new technologies and futuristic units.
    Those units come in addition to the modern units, they do not replace them.

    There is 2 kind of futuristic units :
    Cyber units : they require a very special algorithm, to get it you must have build a super computer : Skynet
    Manned units : they can't be controlled by Skynet.

    Every Civilization can build it's own Skynet.
    For this the building Cyberdine Systems is required, it cannot be build in the Capital.
    Once Cyberdine Systems has been build you may build the Skynet Control Room.
    The Skynet Control Room will provide you with Skynet's Algorithms. These resource is required to build the Cyber Units.
    But... as a Superintelligence Skynet will learn, the more Cyber Units you have the faster it will gain in intelligence.

    There is 2 stages in its evolution :

    Stage 1 : Skynet gains Synthetic Intelligence.
    At this point you can still control it and improve this control with the project Asimov's Laws.
    The more units are under Skynet's control the higher the chance that it gains Synthetic Intelligence.

    Stage 2 : Skynet becomes Self-Aware.
    In this case it will found its own Civilization, The Machines, see all humans as a threat and seek to destroy them.
    The city where the Skynet Control Room was build, all Cyber units, all Ballistic Missile Submarines and all Nuclear Missiles of its original Civilization will switch to the new Machines Civilization.
    But that's not all : any other Skynet network in the world may get infected and join the Machines Civilization. With its Cyber units and original city of course.
    The more units are under Skynet's control the higher the chance that it becomes self-aware.

    The project Asimov's Laws can lower the risk to see Skynet becomes Self-Aware but it can never be less than 5%.
    You may sell the building Skynet Control Room to shut down Skynet, but in this case the Cyber Units will be much less effectiv.

    Once Skynet is self-aware you have only one solution : fight it and win... or die.

    As you can see this mod is dedicated to James Cameron's "Terminator". The idea was to set the end game in the "near" future, with a roster of "sci-fi" units but without removing the modern units.

    Main thread for feedback and bug report : http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13884391#post13884391

    The download link leads to Onmy6 self-installer. It includes ther main mod and the required sub-mods

    The same mod but compiled as

    This Modpack includes :
    The mod Hulfgar's Modpack Extended Edition "Rise of the Machines" version 14, the 3 required graphics assets mods and IGE.

    Spoiler :
    Instructions to install the Multiplayer Modpack:

    * Unzip the Modpack in the DLC folder of Civ5. Usually it's located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Assets\DLC
    * Multiplayer : Start the game as "Multiplayer" (in this case all players must have the same Modpack)

    Loading Time :
    I've managed to cut by 50% the loading time but it's still longer than usual (about 8 minutes on my PC)

    Play with maximum 20 Major Civilization (or max. number -2) one Major Civ Slot must remain free for Skynet's Civ.

    EDIT : To play the mod you need the latest Hulfgars Modpack ArtFiles v16

    This is compatible with any savegame and will correct a bug with Japan's Mobil AA Gun. Once downloaded you need to replace the whole Hulfgars Modpack ArtFiles folder.


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