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Civ 5 BNW : Hulfgar's Modpack Industrial Edition v21 2016-10-05

From the Stone to Spoutnik

  1. Hulfgar
    Version 20.1 (30/07/2016)

    Goal of this mod is to limit the end game to the late 60's with the units of the WW2 era.
    The late game techs and units have been disabled, the tech tree has been reworked.
    I have maintained the Space race and Spaceship project with some light changes for the Science Victory.
    Following techs have been disabled : Robotics, Stealth, Lasers, Particle Physics, Nuclear Fusion, Nanotechnology
    Following units have been disabled : Nuclear Missile, Nuclear Submarine, Giant Death Robot, Mechanized Infantry, Missile Cruiser, Rocket Artillery, Helicopter Gunship, Modern Armor, Stealth Bomber, Jet Fighter (Modern), Mobile SAM, Cruise Missile.


    Spoiler :
    Generic Game change :

    - Instant Heal has been removed from the promotions
    - Medic promotion only from the Red Cross national wonder
    - Range of capital ships down to 2, Frigate and Ship of the Line = 1
    - Range for city attack down to 1
    - Partisans spawning if a city of size 4 or bigger is conquered.
    - Stronger Barbarians
    - Free Hunter at start instead of warrior.
    - Almost all units require 1 or 2 resource(s)
    - To build Settlers you need to research the Tech "National Culture".
    - Attrition : Units ending their turn on ice or fallout will suffer 25 damage.

    - Nuclear Missile range up to 100 tiles (ICBM range, Complete Edition only)

    New improvements that grant resources : (Bio refinery and Synthetic Petrol Plant for Oil and Kerosene, Nuclear Reprocessing Plant for Uranium, the Lumbermill provides Timber and Coal when Engineering has been discovered)

    New Improvements to improve defense or support attacking troops : Bunker, Coastal Artillery, Airfield

    New units :
    For both mods :
    - Battering Ram, Bombard, Rifled Canon, Airborne Howitzer
    - Hunter, Explorers
    - War Chariot
    - Longbowmen, Culverin, Volley Gun
    - Carrack
    - Light Cavalry
    - Knight Templar, Teutonic Knight, Line Infantry, Airship, Helicopter, Submarine Carrier, Patrol Boat, Dreadnought, Armored Cruiser, Cruiser, Tank Destroyers, Mobile AA and Mobile Artillery, Early Jet Fighters, Divebombers, Fastbombers, Commandos, Light, Heavy and Super Heavy Tanks, Kamikazes, Motorized Infantry and Panzer Grenadiers.

    Only in the Complete Edition :
    2nd Generation jet fighters, Ground Attack Aircraft, Heavy Jet Bomber, Striker Fighters, Stealth Bomber, Jet Navy Fighter, Jet Navy Fighter-Bomber, Main Battle Tank, Armored Infantry, Aegis Destroyer, Nuclear Attack Submarine, Amphibious Assault Ship, Nuclear carrier, Super Carrier, Self Propelled Howitzer, Special Forces, Anti Tank Infantry, Armed Drone.

    New and Merged Wonders :
    - Holy War
    - Castel del Monte
    - Solomon Temple Wonder (v3) from Ambrox62
    - The Sphinx Wonder (v 2) from Ambrox62
    - Pont du Gard (v 2) from Ambrox62
    - Magellan Expedition Wonder (v 2) from Ambrox62
    - Pergamon Altar from Ambrox62
    - Three Gorges Damm from Ambrox62
    - Carnival from Ambrox62
    - Panama Canal from Ambrox62
    - Hollywood from Pouakai
    - Large Hadron Collider from

    - Keyhole Project from Whoward69

    World Congress Resolution :
    "Cure for Cancer" from Aschulak

    New promotions :
    Special Operations Training : various bonuses for the Special Forces
    Light Armored Vehicle and Armored vehicule : Malus in Jungle and Forest for armored vehicule, bonuses vs most of the units, up to the Rifleman. Heavy tanks cannot enter Jungle.

    New Buildings :
    Palisade, Motte-and-Bailey Castle, Carpenter's Workshop, Charcoal burner, Wind Turbine, Steel Foundry, Cannon Foundry, Airbase, , Sewer System, Heavy Weapon Factory, Warship Factory, Aircraft Factory, Tax Office, Ski Resort, Water Sport Resort, Brewery, Tavern, Cinema, Smoke House, Winery.

    New National Wonders : Naval Academy, Air Academy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior Ministry, Smithonian Institute, National Broadcasting Corporation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Merged Mods :
    - Units Population from Whoward69
    - Satellites Reveal Cities : Whoward69
    - Combat Medic from Moriboe
    - Airfield from : Whoward69
    - Improvement Farm Replacement from Whoward69
    - Faster Aircraft Animations from Gedemon

    This is the Self-Installer version. It includes the main mod and the required sub-mod. Thanks to Onmy6 for doing this self-installer

    Main thread for report and feedback

    EDIT : To play the mod you need the latest Hulfgars Modpack ArtFiles v17
    This is compatible with any savegame and will correct a bug with Japan's Mobil AA Gun. Once downloaded you need to replace the whole Hulfgars Modpack ArtFiles folder.


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  1. Hulfgar's Modpack Industrial Edition

Recent Reviews

  1. Asterix Rage
    Asterix Rage
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Hulfgar's Mod IE is a well reworked vision of Civ5.
    The great idea is to disable all after WW1 to make better all before.
  2. onmy6
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Excellent modpack, a definite "must have" for your collection