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Civ 5 : Coastal Fortification version 2 2016-10-05

Civ 5 : Coastal Fortification version 2

  1. Hulfgar
    Upon discovering Chemistry the player can build a Coastal Fortification with the following effects :

    +50% Defense.
    Must be constructed on a tile in your own territory.
    It may not be adjacent to another Coastal fortification.
    A Coastal Artillery will spawn in the fortification upon completion.
    This unit is powerful against ships and cannot move.

    Depending of the Era the Artillery that will spawn is :

    A Cannon (Renaissance Era)
    A Rifled Cannon (Industrial Era) (skin is the parrott Cannon from the American Civil War scenario).
    A big gun in a bunker (Modern Era and later, this skin was made by Wolfdog)

    The Coastal Cannon can be upgraded as Coastal Battery when Rifling is dicovered.
    The Coastal Battery can be upgraded as Coastal Artillery when Ballistics is discovered.

    Limitations :

    The units will not automatically upgrade when the new era is reached !
    The units can fire on any tiles, not only water tiles.
    The AI can build this improvement but uses it very rarely.

    This mod REQUIRES BNW !

    Credits :
    Lua code : BC1
    Skin for the Coastal Artillery : Wolfdog.

    Version 2 :
    Correction in the tech prerequiste for the build mission. It's now Chemistry.


    1. coastalart_YwU.jpg