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Civ 6: Agony Empire - Evelynn (Gathering Storm & Rise and Fall & Vanilla) 1.0

Adds Agony in game under rule of Evelynn.

  1. CutesyGoddess

    This mod supports Gathering Storm, Rise and Fall expansion and Vanilla.

    Civlization Trait:
    Last Caress
    Can't build Holy Sites or found a religion. +50 Production toward building Encampment and Entertainment Complex districts.

    Leader Trait:
    Demon Shade
    +2 Movement for all units for the next 10 turns after declaring a Surprise War. All units heal up to 20 hit points after killing a unit.

    Leader Agenda:
    Agony's Embrace
    Likes civilizations with low Faith. Dislikes civilizations with high Faith.

    Unique Building:
    Allure Place
    A building unique to Agony. Provides +2 Amenities and +1 Housing.

    Unique Unit:
    Hate Legion
    Agony unique Classical era unit. Does not suffer combat penalties when damaged.

    Available at Steam Workshop: Click Here
    Google Drive link: Click Here
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