Civ 6 raen´s New Diplomatic Policies v5.0

Some new diplomatic policies useful for some mods

  1. raen
    First added a new Diplomatic Policy at the start game: Connective Justice *

    ... but now they are 24 in total!

    All list, not in particular order :

    Connective Justice
    Fair Trade
    Silent War
    Mare Nostrum
    Spices Trade
    Trade Monopoly

    Political Naturalism
    Heavens Mission
    Neutral Country
    Military Intelligence

    Bureau of the Barbarians
    Gladiatorial games
    Priesthood Lords
    Protestant Reformation
    Exotic Animals
    Work Force
    Resort Town

    World Heritage Wonders NEW!
    Global Pandemic Control NEW!
    Urban Literature NEW!
    United Countries NEW!
    National Antiquities NEW!
    Market Globalization NEW!

    The first developed 18 Diplo's Detail (subject to change):

    Spoiler :

    I think diplomatic Policies are lacking in game, so I add 18 new ones with this mod.

    // Ancient Era-->3

    |Connective Justice|Unlocks at Code of Laws|Obsolete at Heavens Mission!
    |+50% Faith points per Shrine and Temple\

    |Fair Trade|Unlocks at Foreign Trade|Obsolete at Spices Trade!
    |Your Trade routes to another player's cities provide +2 food and +1 production for both parties\

    (NEW!)|Bureau of the Barbarians|Unlocks at Early Empire|Obsolete at Raj!
    |+1 Gold from all city-states you're Suzerain\

    // Classical Era-->3

    |Silent War|Unlocks at Defensive Tactics|Obsolete at Cryptography!
    |Your Spy level is increased by 1 for offensive operations\

    |Political Naturalism|Unlocks at Political Philosophy|Obsolete at Machiavellianism!
    |Your delegations improve diplomatic relationships by 10 points instead of 3. While at peace, diplomatic relationships improve an additional 1 point per turn for a maximum of 25 points within 75 turns\

    (NEW!)|Gladiatorial games|Unlocks at Games and Recreation|Obsolete at Priesthood Lords!
    |+ 1 Amenity from Arenas\

    // Medieval Era-->3

    |Mare Nostrum|Unlocks at Naval Tradition|Obsolete at Gunboat Diplomacy!
    |+2 influence points per turn towards earning Envoys, and one temporary additional Trade Route for each major civ (ever) met on a new continent, limited to 10\

    |Heavens Mission|Unlocks at Divine Right|Obsolete at Containment!
    |Automatically converts to the Religion you founded in a city-state you are the Suzerain with medium influence\

    (NEW!)|Priesthood Lords|Unlocks at Feudalism|Obsolete at Gunboat Diplomacy!
    |+2 gold per Holy Site\

    // Renaissance Era-->3

    |Spices Trade|Unlocks at Exploration|Obsolete at Raj!
    |+10% Food and +4% Gold per City-State you are the Suzerain of with medium influence\

    |Trade Monopoly|Unlocks at Mercantilism|Obsolete at Gunboat Diplomacy!
    |Open Borders with all City-States\

    (NEW!)|Protestant Reformation|Unlocks at Humanism|Obsolete at Collective Activism!
    |+2 faith from temples\

    // Industrial Era-->2

    |Neutral Country|Unlocks at Nationalism|Obsolete at Cryptography!
    |Enemy Spy level reduced by 1 in your lands\

    (NEW!)|Exotic Animals|Unlocks at Natural History|Obsolete at Postcolonial Community!
    |+ 1 Amenity from Zoos\

    // Modern Era-->2

    |Postcolonial Community|Unlocks at Conservation|No Obsolete!
    |Your Trade routes to an ally's city provide +4 Science for them and +4 Gold to you. Both parties gain +1 Culture with the trade\

    (NEW!)|Work Force|Unlocks at Mobilization|Obsolete at Collective Activism!
    |+ 2 production from industrial zones\

    // Atomic Era-->1

    (NEW!)|Resort Town|Unlocks at Professional Sports|No Obsolete!
    |+4 from Entertainment complex. +2 Amenities but -1 Housing if city has Entertainment complex and Theater Square\

    // Information Era-->1

    |MilitaryIntelligence|Unlocks at Globalization|No Obsolete!
    |Your Spy level is increased by 2 for offensive operations. Enemy Spy level reduced by 1 in your lands. But +5% of War Weariness\

    Additionally, at Globalization I added a new available SPY.

    * Its a Policy from ancient world, used by Egyptians. Greek can have it soon with wildcard (and that makes all sense)