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Civ 6 raen´s New Policies 4.1.1

Some new diplomatic policies useful for some mods

  1. Civ 6 raen´s New Polices V4.1.1

    Minor correction in icons.
  2. Civ 6 raen´s New Policies

    Added 7 more diplomacy policies :) now 18 in total :)

    Bureau of the Barbarians
    Gladiatorial games
    Priesthood Lords
    Protestant Reformation
    Exotic Animals
    Work Force
    Resort Town


    1. newdiplos7.jpg
  3. Civ 6 raen´s New Policies

    Gathering Storm Compatible.
  4. raen´s New Policies v3.0

    Added 4 new diplos and enhanced some of the existent ones, summing up to 11 new diplos in game :D

    (new)Political Naturalism
    (new)Heavens Mission
    (new)Neutral Country
    (new)Military Intelligence

    Spoiler :


    Enjoy! :)
  5. raen´s New Policies

    - Added missing civilopedia history context
    - Modified mare nostrum and spices trade
    - Added new diplomacy at modern era: Postcolonial Community

    Spoiler :

  6. raen´s New Policies

    Added 5 more diplomatic policies (from ancient to renaissance):
    Fair Trade
    Silent War
    Mare Nostrum
    Spices Trade
    Trade Monopoly

    Spoiler :


    Enjoy :)