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Civ 6 Tech and Civic Tree Without Orphans v1.1

No orphan Tech or Civic

  1. raen
    Tech tree without an "orphan"
    Civic tree without an "orphan"
    New Tech Nautical Science, with new improvement and ship unit :)

    The unit is Dhow, the most used type of ship in Mediterranean to India.
    The Improvement is Sea Venture, at the time many sea ventures started to happen.

    If I miss some orphan let me know.

    Enjoy :)

    Tech Tree since Sailing

    Civic Tree since Naval Tradition


    1. CivicsAtomic.png
    2. NauticalSiencegeneral.png
    3. upload_2017-11-19_0-7-32.png

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  1. Civ 6 Tech and Civic Tree Without Orphans