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[CiV] Carnival Wonder 2016-10-05

[CiV] Carnival Wonder

  1. ambrox62
    The mod adds Carnival Wonder to the game

    Carnival is a special wonder package: it contains lots of additional arts

    By default, Carnival Wonder appears in a classic european(splash)/venetian(icon) look, but you may MANUALLY transform it at your pleasure. You can:
    - choose a modern brazilian(splash)/caribbean(icon) look
    - choose a G8 Leader caricature as icon set
    - shuffle these arts in any combination you like

    All arts are into "My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Carnival Wonder (v 1)\Art\Buildings\additional arts" folder
    Look at the instructions written into carnival_explained.jpg image, placed in the root folder of the mod:
    "My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Carnival Wonder (v 1)"

    BEWARE: you must restart CiV after any art shuffle in order to see your changes in the game. When you copy G8 leader icons, don't forget to copy ALSO the splash screen you like (i.e. the file carnival_splash.dds) from modern or classic art folder

    The mod supports english and italian languages
    It doesn't contain 3D building art and speech audio file

    Please, more infos and discussions HERE


    1. carnival_tree_W7q.jpg
    2. carnival_pedia_FRL.jpg
    3. carnival_splash_cla_jag.jpg
    4. carnival_splash_custom_onm.jpg
    5. carnival_explained_8qT.jpg