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CIV Gold 3.0 (Warlords) 2016-10-05

The CIV Gold Team is proud to announce the release of CIV Gold - Warlords!

CIV Gold is a civilizations mod for Civ4 that combines some of the most popular user-created civilizations, while applying standards for graphics and content across the board. It can be used as a standalone mod to give users more options in their games, or it can be used by mod-makers to add a “plug-and-play” civ component to their projects.

With CIV Gold we are attempting to create the “definitive” civ add-on for users and mod-makers, alike. Gold applies universal standards across the board. This pack is meant to be focused, complete, and comprehensive.

Each new civilization in CIV Gold has:

- fully animated leaderhead(s)
- some new models and some re-skinned unique units
- some new models and some re-skinned unique buildings
- full graphics for buttons and unit flags, with proper alpha channels
- complete pedia entries for civ, leaders, units and buildings
- representation of added civs in the "Great People" lists
- unique "First Contact" diplomacy text based on actual quotes or cultural proverbs

CIV Gold Project Forum

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