CIV Gold: The Nature of Man 2016-10-05

CIV Gold: The Nature of Man

  1. Wyz_sub10
    CIV Gold: The Nature of Man

    CIV Gold: The Nature of Man is a standalone add-on to CIV IV: Beyond the Sword that adds many of the most reviled leaders in history.

    The ongoing to debate on whether Firaxis should add leaders like Hitler or Mussolini is unlikely to be resolved at any point in the near future. CIV Gold: NoM gives you the opportunity to add them (and many others) in order to construct scenarios relevant to our history.

    As with any Civilization game, mod or add-on, it is a chance to re-create or re-write the story of our lives.

    CIV Gold: NoM adds the following leaders:

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Persia
    Empress Dowager Cixi - China
    Kim Jong Il - Korea
    Richard III - England
    George W. Bush - America
    Adolph Hitler - Germany
    Pol Pot - Khmer
    Vercingetorix - Celts
    Caligula - Rome
    Hussein - Babylon
    Putin - Russia

    In addition, 4 custom civs have been added to showcase their leaders:

    Chile - adds Augusto Pinochet
    Congo - adds Mobutu Sese Seko
    Italy - adds Benito Mussolini
    West Indies - adds Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier

    To install, simply double-click the exe file and ensure the path for Beyond the Sword is correct.

    Q: Why include such...

    A: We've all heard the answers and both sides of the debate. For me, it was simply to allow for scenario building with greater accuracy and to allow players to challenge themselves against men and women they would like to defeat.

    Q: I through we were going to see Idi Amin and the Timurids, among others?

    A: For the sake of expediency, Amin and the Kitara Empire, along with the Timurids and Huns, will be available in the upcoming CIV Gold 5.0.

    Q: So this is a standlone, not an add-on?

    A: This version of NoM is a standalone mod and does not add to Gold 4.0. Gold 5.0 will, however, have NoM content included.

    Q: Come on, George Bush in the same group as Pol Pot??

    A: Some will complain about adding Bush, Putin and Richard the III alongside Pinochet, Pol Pot and Caligula. The intent was simply to add some balance in terms of geography and era.


    - there is an error where Mobutu's teeth appear pink
    - minor flcikering in the Mussolini leaderhead
    - there is a dds error resulting in Duvalier having a black hat


    There are always far more people to thank than I can keep track of, but while Firebras and myself composed the core team for this project, we were heavily reliant on the work of Ekmek (who contributed a tonne of artwork), Refar, C. Roland, NikNaks, mourndraken, GarretSidzaka and pencilgod.

    Any questions or comments can be made in the CIV Gold forum at Civfanatics.

    Or you can send a private message to Wyz_sub10 at Civfanatics.


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