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CIV.Japan 2016-10-05

The original 14 civilizations have all been renamed after Japanese clans (mostly) and put (for the most part) in their historical locations on a map of the Japanese islands. The civilizations are as follows:

Tokugawas at Tokyo (Edo)*
Fujiwaras at Kyoto (Heian)*
Shimazushis at Kagoshima
Ainu at Hidaka
Ashikaga at Akita
Uesugi at Tokushima
Minamoto at Sendai
Arima at Fukuoka
Matsudaira at Nagoya (Mikawa)*
Matsumae at Sapporo
Toyotomi at Osaka
Hojou at Aomori
Shoushi in Okinawa
Taira in Hiroshima

Now, before too many people get their shorts in a bunch, let me say I am perfectly aware that the Taira, Hojou, and Ashikaga are in the wrong places. They are where they are because the Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka area is very crowded already, and historicly many of these clans had their capitols in the same cities. (T'would be silly to have three Kyoto's)

Also note that the city names in parenthesis are the historical names, and that is how they will show up during the game. (If you are playing the Tokugawas, and you would like to rename Edo to Tokyo at about 1800 AD, you are more than welcome to.)

In game play, many of these names have been truncated because there simply wasn't enough room to write them. The worst are likely "Toku." for Tokugawa, "Mitin" for Michinaga of the Fujiwaras, and "Shaku" for Shakushain of the Ainu. I know, they're terrible. Forgive me.

A couple of the civ advances have been altered to suit a Japanese world more nicely, but nothing to hard to understand. The only city improvements that have changed is "Beya" (Sumo coloseum) "Shrine" (temple) and "Temple" (cathedral).

Most of the wonders have been changed, and may require some explanation.

- Imperial palace (great wall): palace of the Japanese Emperor, req. Masonry.

- Toudaiji (oracle): Great Shinto temple completed during the Yamato period. req. Shinto.

- Kyushu Bashou (Shakespeare's theatre): Famous Sumo tournament, req. Construction.

- Kentoushi (great library): Refers to the program of borrowing culture and ideas from China, req. Navigation.

- Taika Reform (pyramids): Early government reform based on the Chinese Confucian model, req. Mapmaking.

- Genji Monogatari (hanging gardens): Famous work of classical Japanese prose. req. literacy.

- Kinkaku/Ginkaku (J.S.Bach's & Michaelangelo's): Two famous Buddhist temples, req. Buddhism.

- Daibutsu (colossus): Huge Buddha at Kamakura, req. Buddhism.

- Ming Fleet Expedition (Magellan's): The ming fleet likely discovered America before the Europeans did. They're Chinese, but what the hey. req. Navigation.

- Tokyo/Kyoto Daigaku (Newton's & Copernicus'): Tokyo & Kyoto universities. req. Theory o' Gravity.

- Meiji Reform (Darwin's voyage): Industrial reformation in the 1800's, restored the Emperor to power, outlawed Samurai. req. Railroad.

- The Diet (UN): Japan's ruling body, similar to England's parliament. req. Industrialization.

- NEC corp. (SETI): Marginaly sucessful computer company. req. Computers.

- Sony corp. (Hoover dam): Very sucessful electronics company. req. Electronics.

- Julianna's (Cure for cancer): Tokyo's hugely popular techno-rave dance club, full of scantily-dressed to un-dressed women with fans. req. Electronics.
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