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Civ of the Week: Venezuela 2016-10-05

Civ of the Week: Venezuela

Hello all!

I have taken a long break from my "Civ of the Week" series, due to the fact I am now spearheading a bigger mod enterprise, the unofficial expansion, World of Legends.

However, I have decided to make a civ for this week - Venezuela, which will also be featured in World of Legends.

Yes, this is a really small "demo" of World of Legends.

Nevertheless, here are the statistics:

Leader: Simon Bolivar - Philosophical, Protective (Favorite Civic: Nationhood)
UU: Llanero (Replaces Cavalry) - 25% withdrawal chance, +1 First Strike
UB: Resort Hotel (Replaces Broadcast Tower) - +15% gold
Started Techs: Mining, Mysticism

Because this is considered a demo and not the final product (the complete World of Legends "Unofficial Expansion"), there is almost certainly to be a number of bugs, issues, or problems. If there are, feel free to report them.
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