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[CiV] Pont du Gard Wonder 2016-10-05

[CiV] Pont du Gard Wonder

  1. ambrox62
    Pont du Gard Wonder - version 2 - Jul 12, 2011

    The mod adds Pont du Gard Wonder to the game

    It contains new splash screen and icons for the introduced wonder, historical quote and full support for english, french and italian languages
    The mod doesn't contain 3D building art and speech audio file

    Please, more infos and discussions HERE

    V.2-Free Aqueduct upon completion
    V.2-French translation by Hulfgar


    1. gard_tree_n_07Y.jpg
    2. gard_pedia_n_PGP.jpg
    3. gard_splash_n_Wfs.jpg