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Civ V Acronyms and Terms (BNW)

Civ V Acronyms and Terms

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    Civ V List of Acronyms and Terms

    Here's the revised War Academy List of Civilization V acronyms and terms -- originally compiled for the vanilla version of the game by binhthuy71, and now expanded to include terms from the Gods & Kings and Brave New World expansions. Hopefully, it will help everyone get a handle on the myriad of terms that we in the CivFanatics community love to use. This is a work in progress. Please feel free to suggest new items in the comments and we'll update the list as we go on.

    Content list

    Automatic Abbreviation Expander

    A forum utility called 'ABBREX' (developed by user BandC) is available that automatically expands abbreviations that appear in its database (you can also add to the database). It is a Firefox/Chrome extension, and you can read about it here. Check it out here.

    :c5influence: Game Play and Strategy Terms
    • 1 UpT - 1 Unit per Tile
    • Barbs - Barbarians
    • Beeline - Strategy of directing game play towards the earliest possible acquisition of a specific Technology
    • Camp - Barbarian encampment
    • CV - Culture victory
    • Diplo hit - Decline in relationship with another civ or civs caused by a player action
    • Dom - Domination victory
    • DoF - Declaration of Friendship
    • DoW - Declaration of War
    • DP - Defensive Pact
    • DV - Diplomatic victory
    • Expo - Expansion city (city other than your capital) or expansion site
    • FoW - Fog of War
    • HP - Hit Point(s) (measure of unit health following combat)
    • ICS - Infinite City Sprawl (or, to some, Infinite City Spam) - Strategy where as many cities as possible are built with minimum spacing between them (may also include adding cities via puppeting or annexing conquered cities)
    • IG - International Games (World Congress resolution)
    • LOS - Line of Sight
    • Milking the AI - Selling a one-off Resource or Resources to an AI civ when you know that either you’re about to lose the resource(s) to pillaging or loss of a city or that you’re going to DoW the AI in the next few turns. In either case, you have the AI’s Gold and the AI no longer has the resource(s).
    • MP - Movement Points
    • OCC - One City Challenge - Advanced Setup game play mode where the player can own only one city
    • Pillage-heal - Destroying an enemy tile improvement to earn gold and heal an injured unit (up to 25 HP)
    • Reload - Loading a saved game from an earlier turn, to replay one or more turns (not permitted in HoF or GOTM) (also referred to by some as "save scumming")
    • Reroll - Starting a new game with the same settings
    • REX - Rapid Early eXpansion, or founding many cities as quickly as possible
    • Rush or Hurry - To buy a unit or building with gold, or to accelerate production of a wonder, building or unit with a Great Engineer
    • Slingshot - To beeline to a specific tech using a free technology (e.g., building the GL to slingshot Philosophy, allowing you to build an early National College)
    • SS - Space Ship (science victory)
    • SV - Science victory
    • Tall - Using only a relatively small number of highly populated cities
    • TR - Trade route
    • TSL - True Start Locations, a game played on an Earth map with the respective civs starting in the locations where they are in real life (only available with mods)
    • Turtle - Using a military for defense only
    • UN - United Nations (successor to the World Congress)
    • VC - Victory Condition (science, diplomatic, culture, domination, or time)
    • WC - World Congress
    • WF - World's Fair (World Congress resolution)
    • Wide - Using a larger number of relatively lower population cities
    • XP - Unit eXPerience earned from combat
    • XP Farming - Engaging in combat with barbarians, City-States or other civs for the primary purpose of earning XP to promote units
    • ZoC - Zone of Control

    :c5greatperson: Great Person Terms
    • Bulb - To acquire a technology instantly by using a Great Scientist, but also commonly used to describe the act of triggering the special ability of any Great Person (e.g., "bulb" a Great Artist to start a Golden Age, "bulb" a Great Engineer to hurry production of a building or wonder).
    • GA - Great Artist or Great Admiral (or Golden Age), depending on context
    • GAdm - Great Admiral
    • GE - Great Engineer
    • GG - Great General
    • GM - Great Merchant or Great Musician, depending on context
    • GMus - Great Musician
    • GP - Great Person or Great Prophet, depending on context
    • GPP - Great Person Points
    • GPr - Great Prophet
    • GS - Great Scientist
    • GW - Great Writer or Great Work (or Great Wall), depending on context
    • GWAM - Great Writer, Artist or Musician (collectively)
    • MoV - Merchant of Venice
    • Plant - Using a Great Person to create a unique tile improvement (e.g., planting a GS to form an academy)
    • Spawn - Appearance of a Great Person after accumulation of required levels of Great Person Points or (in the case of a Great Prophet) required levels of faith, or after completion of a particular wonder or adoption of a particular social policy or when buying a Great Person with faith (although the latter is most commonly referred to as "buying" the GP, rather than the GP "spawning")

    :c5capital: Leader Nicknames
    • Cathy - Catherine (Russia)
    • Izzy - Isabella (Spain)
    • Kammy - Kamehameha (Polynesia)
    • Liz or Lizzy - Elizabeth I (England)
    • Monty - Montezuma (Aztecs)
    • Nappy - Napoleon (France)
    • Nebby or Babs - Nebuchadnezzar II (Babylon)
    • Pokey - Pocatello (Shoshone)
    • Rammy - Ramkhamhaeng (Siam) or Ramesses II (Egypt)
    • Ramky - Ramkhamhaeng (Siam) (less frequently used than Rammy)
    • Sully - Suleiman (Ottomans)
    • Teddy - Theodora (Byzantium)

    :c5science: Technologies
    • AH - Animal Husbandry
    • BW - Bronze Working
    • CS - Civil Service
    • D&P - Drama & Poetry
    • HB or HBR - Horseback Riding
    • IW - Iron Working
    • PP - Printing Press
    • ST - Scientific Theory
    • TW -The Wheel

    :c5strength: Units
    • Armored Unit - A unit class consisting of Landship, Tank, Modern Armor and Giant Death Robot
    • Arty - Artillery
    • CA - Camel Archer (Arabian unique unit, replaces Knight) or Chariot Archer
    • Cat - Catapult
    • CB - Composite Bowman
    • CC or Comp Cav - Companion Cavalry (Greek unique unit, replaces Horseman)
    • CKN - Chu-ku-no (Chinese unique unit, replaces Crossbowman)
    • GDR - Giant Death Robot
    • LS - Long Swordsman
    • MA - Modern Armor
    • MI - Mechanized Infantry
    • Melee Unit - Any unit that engages in combat with an adjacent unit where both parties are damaged, such as a Warrior.
      Note: As a technical matter, in game, the term "melee" only refers to pre-Gunpowder, non-ranged units (e.g., swordsmen and pikemen are "melee" units, while riflemen and tanks are not), but because all non-ranged units (including riflemen and tanks) engage in "melee-like" (i.e., non-ranged) attacks, "melee unit" has, in common use, acquired a broader meaning.​
    • Ranged Unit - Any unit that engages in ranged combat, such as an Archer, CB or Keshik
    • Siege Unit - Ranged units with a vs. city bonus, specifically Catapult, Trebuchet, Cannon, Artillery and Rocket Artillery
    • SotL - Ship of the Line (English UU, replaces Frigate)
    • XB or XBows - Crossbowman

    Buildings and National Wonders
    • CH - Courthouse
    • EIC - East India Company
    • Granny - Granary
    • GT - Grand Temple
    • HE - Heroic Epic
    • Lab - Research Lab
    • LH - Lighthouse
    • MPM - Mud Pyramid Mosque
    • NC - National College
    • NE - National Epic
    • NIA - National Intelligence Agency
    • NVC - National Visitor Center
    • Uni - University

    :c5culture: World Wonders
    • AW - Angkor Wat
    • CI - Chichen Itza
    • CR - Cristo Redentor
    • ET - Eiffel Tower
    • FP - Forbidden Palace
    • GL - Great Library
    • GLH - Great LightHouse
    • GMD - Great Mosque of Djenne
    • GW - Great Wall
    • HG - Hanging Gardens
    • HS - Hagia Sophia
    • ISS - International Space Station
    • LToP - Leaning Tower of Pisa
    • MoH - Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
    • ND - Notre Dame
    • PT - Porcelain Tower
    • SC - Sistine Chapel
    • SH - StoneHenge
    • SOH - Sydney Opera House
    • SoL - Statue of Liberty
    • SoZ - Statue of Zeus
    • TA - Terracotta Army
    • ToA - Temple of Artemis

    :c5happy: Miscellaneous Terms and Acronyms
    • AA - Anti-aircraft
    • AI - Artificial Intelligence - the computer programming that "plays" non-human-directed civs
    • Beakers - Units of science
    • BNW - The Brave New World expansion of the game (as patched)
    • BpT - Beakers per Turn
    • CoD - Carpet of Doom - referring to an area of the map that is "carpeted" with enemy units (units occupying every tile)
    • Civ - Civilization
    • CpT - Culture per Turn
    • CR - Collective Rule (social policy)
    • CS - City-State or Combat Strength
    • DF - Desert Folklore (pantheon belief)
    • DLC - DownLoadable Content
    • Finisher - The policy benefits obtained by completing a social policy tree
    • FoY - Fountain Of Youth
    • FpT - Faith per Turn
    • FT - Free Thought (social policy)
    • G&K - The Gods & Kings expansion of the game (as patched)
    • GA - Golden Age
    • GBR - Great Barrier Reef (natural wonder)
    • Goody Hut - Ancient ruin (provides certain bonuses when first explored)
    • GOTM - Game of the Month
    • GotS - God of the Sea (pantheon belief)
    • GpT - Gold per Turn
    • Hammers - Units of production
    • HoF - can refer to the in-game repository of game results or, at CivFanatics, the Hall of Fame
    • IP - Itinerant Preachers (enhancer belief)
    • KSM - King Solomon's Mines (natural wonder)
    • LP - Let's Play: A game recorded as a video and presented online
    • Lux - Luxury resource
    • MotG - Messenger of the Gods (pantheon belief)
    • MP - Multiplayer game
    • NW - Natural Wonder(s) or National Wonder(s), depending on context
    • OB - Open Borders
    • OP - Overpowered (on forums, OP also refers to 'opening/original poster' or 'opening/original post')
    • Opener - The first policy in a social policy tree, taken by "opening" the tree
    • Pop - Population
    • RA - Research Agreement
    • Rat or Rati - Rationalism (social policy)
    • RNG - Random Number Generator (often used when bemoaning a seemingly random or unexpected result - i.e., blaming "the RNG")
    • RT - Religious Texts (enhancer belief)
    • SoD - Stack of Doom (Note: the SoD is obsolete in CiV with its implementation of 1 UpT)
    • SP - Single Player or Social Policy, depending on context
    • SS - Sacred Sites (reformation belief)
    • TP - Trading Post
    • TpT - Tourism per Turn
    • Tree - Set of social policies appearing under a separate heading (e.g., Tradition policy tree, Piety policy tree)
    • UA - Unique Ability - Civ-specific ability
    • UB - Unique Building - Civ-specific building
    • UI - Unique Improvement - Civ-specific tile improvement
    • UU - Unique Unit - Civ-specific unit
    • Vanilla - The original, as-sold version of the game (as patched)
    • WLKD or WLTKD - We Love the King Day (+25% growth in city for 20 turns)
    • WOTAW - Wonders Of The Ancient World DLC

    Note: Amended from vanilla Civ V List of Acronyms and Terms article by binhthuy71.
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