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Civ V BNW Buildings API & Data Spreadsheet v0.1.3 2016-10-05

Civ V BNW Buildings API & Data Spreadsheet v0.1.3

(Please send suggestions: errors, additions, changes, other files -- thanks!)

I've been putting together spreadsheets to compile API, data, usage, table structure, and other information for all objects in the game. Here is the Buildings file. It's simpler than others (e.g. Units) since there isn't a Building object with methods.

Feel free to fix and edit or just comment on changes. I hope it helps at least one person. It's helped me.

Let me know if you want others.

Important Notes About File

You will notice that EraID and ClassType are "grayed-out" -- this is because I've added them for spreadsheet purposes only. You will notice that the EraID starts at 5 instead of 0. This is used for my Prehistoric Mod and you can simply swap the IDs starting at 0.

ClassType is also made up but helps me sort. 1 = wonder, 2 = national wonder, ...

(I've just uploaded the next version, 0.1.3. I am not sure if people want to reference the older versions and I am not sure if this new upload will clobber the old one.)

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