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Civ V Unofficial Patch for G&K 2016-10-05

Civ V Unofficial Patch for G&K

  1. Thalassicus
    v2.7 Updated August 29 2013 @ 16:24 CST (UTC-5)​

    I believe things should be intuitive to use. Civup does this for the Civ 5 interface. It adds more useful information for players, and greatly expands tools for modders. There are as few gameplay changes as possible. Civup follows the footsteps of unofficial patches like Civ 4 BTS Unaltered Gameplay and the Skyrim Unofficial Patch. If you believe in these goals, try this expansion pack!

    Features - Discuss - Bugs - News - Credits

    This is part of the Civ V: Communitas Expansion Pack. The expansion is a collaboration of work from 38 main authors and an incredible community of forumgoers on CivFanatics.com.

    If you want to discuss the project, or you encounter a problem while playing, please visit the Discuss or Bugs links. It's impractical to track of multiple topics of conversation in the Workshop comments. Thank you!

    Please glance at the Common Checklist, which has important information about using Civ 5 mods. Modders can easily use the tools in Civup within your own project by including Civup as a dependency in ModBuddy project associations.

    NOTE: Exit to the main menu to load or start games. Loading or regenerating the map within an active game breaks all mods which use lua code.

    REQUIRES: Gods and Kings Expansion. This project is only compatible with the expansion. The non-expansion vanilla version is the Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced Mod.