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Civ VI District Discounts

A guide to how district discounts work

  1. morleron
    good tips.
  2. yung.carl.jung
    I agree with Fluphen, this mechanic seems to some degree counterproductive and not well thought-through. I myself mostly use the early placement strategy, because delaying Iron feels incredibly bad. it hurts not only your military, your expansion, but also your sheer production and eurekahs/inspos. still, I am very thankful for the write up since I had no idea what was actually going on. regardless, I don't think I will be using the discount strategically very often.
  3. Fluphen Azine
    Fluphen Azine
    Great Information Again but difficult to digest and feels odd for me when trying to execute inside of the game. Very interesting though and would like to learn it even if I won't use it often.
  4. TheFinalChiTown
    Very well explained