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Civ3 Conquests v1.22 Patch (All Languages) 2016-10-05

Civ3 Conquests v1.22 Patch (All Languages)

  1. Thunderfall
    The v1.22 patch for Conquests addresses issues with Seafaring civs starting near the coast, audio preferences, interface on the World chooser screen, Secret Police HQ and many more fixes and problems addressed.
    NOTE: v1.22 GAMES CAN NOT BE LOADED ON EARLIER VERSIONS. EARLIER SAVES CAN STILL BE LOADED IN v1.22. Check out the readme file for full details on all fixes.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Adrain
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Fixes a few annoying bugs.
  2. CatholicMan
    Version: 2016-10-05
    It's been a long time since I've gotten a chance to play. I tried to download the 1.22 patch, but I don't think it worked. Isn't the opening screen different when you have the 1.22 patch installed?
  3. adrien laforest
    adrien laforest
    Version: 2016-10-05
    what readme files, where are they so i can learn how to do this.