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Civ3 Unit Render Python Script for Poser 2016-10-05

Civ3 Unit Render Python Script for Poser

  1. Micaelus
    This script automates the tedious process of using Poser to render all of the frames for animations in the Civ3 unit creation process and preparing them for combination using Steph's Storyboard Builder (SBB). It will automate the rendering of any number of animations, with any number of frames, even from different Poser.pz3 files, in all 8 Civ3 orientations, and place the rendered frames in the appropriate folders for each direction and animation. The frames for each animation will be numbered consecutively from 0000 to the last frame, allowing them to be immediately combined with SBB.

    Included in the .zip are:
    -3 versions of the Python script (extension .py):
    ---An example from my Medieval Balkan horsemen
    ---A template with input cues and standard values
    ---A blank version, with no values in the input spaces
    -A readme with full instructions for using the script
    -The series of empty animation folders into which the script places the rendered frames, included for convenience.

    Needed but not provided: Notepad or other plain text editor.

    Visit the thread here. Please use the thread for comments, concerns, and questions.

    The script was inspired by the Batch Gen program.