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Civ4 PBEM Emailer 2016-10-05

Civ4 PBEM Emailer

  1. ruff_hi
    Do you play Play By Email (PBEM) games? I do … slow but fun. I am playing in one game that has been running for over a year. The only downside to this is that I have to manually send the emails due to my ISP restrictions. The other week, I found that I could send emails via smtp using my gmail account. Thus, I set up this small utility.

    If your ISP restricts your access to smtp or requires a UserID and password to send email, then the Civ4 in-game emailer is a total waste of time and this utility is for you

    Once you have set up the utility with your PBEM games, then sending the save forward and sending out GPS emails is easy … really easy. Start the game, check the games you want to send emails for and click ‘Send’. The game will automatically create the emails, attach the latest save to the ‘save’ email and send it for you.

    The GPS email is critical as there is often games that stall during a ‘hunt the latest save’ period …”Do you have it?” “No, do you?”

    Further details can be found here at the thread. Please post comments / questions there.

    Updated on Jun 11, 2012 to v2.2.0 - 1325 downloads
    Updated on Sep 5, 2010 to v2.0.1 - 949 downloads
    Updated on Sep 3, 2010 to v2.0.0 - 946 downloads
    Updated on Oct 21, 2009 to v1.8.1
    Updated on Oct 9, 2009 to v1.8
    Updated on April 29, 2009 to v1.7
    Updated on May 21, 2009 to v1.7.2 - hold down the shift key to generate a log file
    Updated on Oct 9, 2009 to v1.8.0 - you can now change the data file location