[Civ5] 3D Mansa Musa Leader ver 1 2016-10-05

[Civ5] 3D Mansa Musa Leader ver 1

  1. Ekmek
    For use with Tomatekh's mod:

    Still needs new buttons and DoM screen (so its version 1)

    To install just open the rar and copy the Mansa folder into Tomatekh's Mali folder (Mansa should be on the same level as sounds, XML, SQL, etc) and then copy over his modinfo file with my updated one (they both say version 22 but I updated it to 23 in the file)

    Please post comments in this thread and not here so I'm notified about comments:


    1. civ5screen0000_3r8.jpg
    2. civ5screen0004_P0p.jpg