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Civ5 4 Civ4 2016-10-05

Civ5 4 Civ4

  1. veBear
    Civ5 4 Civ4

    Were you unhappy about the new civ game but enjoyed their stunning flag graphics? Were you thrilled to the bone by those orgasmicly greatlooking round buttons? Would you like to see such beauty installed in Civ4? Then worry no more! This great little mod solves your ever intensifying headache by deploying those neat graphical enchantements to your local Civ4, thereby curing all Civ4 related acne you will ever encounter!

    So for now, Enjoy :)

    Unpack and put into your Mods folder

    HRE have been replaced by Austria (same stats)
    Khmer have been replaced by Siam (same stats, changed UU graphic and name)
    Native America have been replaced by Iroquois (same stats, but new names and graphics)
    Zulu uses Polynesia colours (no corresponding civ in Civ5)
    Mali uses Songhai graphics

    Spoiler :

    Questions? Comments?


    1. civ54_samples_6BK.jpg
    2. civ54_civs_382.jpg
    3. civ54_iroq_4C8.jpg
    4. civ54_siam_lLP.jpg
    5. civ54_earthmap_R4q.jpg