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Civ5 Acronyms and Terms (vanilla)

Civ5 Acronyms and Terms

  1. binhthuy71
    Civ V List of Acronyms and Terms

    Here's your War Academy List of Civilization V acronyms and terms. Hopefully, it will help us all get a handle on the myriad of terms that we in the CivFanatics community love to use. This is a work in progress. Please feel free to suggest new items in the comments and I'll update the list as we go on.
    A big "Thank You!" to those who have already offered suggestions to those of you who offer them in the future!

    Content list

    Automatic Abbreviation Expander

    A forum utility called 'ABBREX' (developed by user BandC) is available that automatically expands abbreviations that appear in its database (you can also add to the database). It is a Firefox/Chrome extension, and you can read about it here. Check it out here.

    :c5greatperson: Great Persons
    • GA - Great Artist
    • GE - Great Engineer
    • GG - Great General
    • GM - Great Merchant
    • GP - Great Person
    • GS - Great Scientist

    :c5capital: Leaders
    • Cathy - Catherine
    • Lizzy - Elizabeth I
    • Monty - Montezuma
    • Nebby - Nebuchadnezzar II
    • Rammy - Ramkhamhaeng or Ramesses II
    • Ramky - Ramkhamhaeng (lesser used than Rammy)

    :c5influence: Strategies
    • Beeline - Strategy of directing game play towards the earliest possible acquisition of a specific Technology.
    • Bulb - To acquire a technology instantly by using a Great Scientist.
    • ICS - Infinite City Sprawl - Strategy where as many cities as possible are built with minimum spacing between them. May also include adding cities via puppeting conquered cities.
    • Milking the AI - Selling a one-off Resource or Resources to an AI civ when you know that either you’re about to lose the resource(s) to attack or that you’re going to Dow on the AI in the next few turns. In either case, you have the AI’s Gold and the AI no longer has the resource(s).
    • Reroll - Starting a new game with the same settings.
    • REX - Rapid Early eXpansion
    • SS - Space Ship (Science Victory)
    • Tall - Using only a few highly populated cities.
    • Wide - Using many low population cities.

    :c5science: Technologies
    • AH - Animal Husbandry
    • BW - Bronze Working
    • CS - Civil Service
    • HB or HBR - Horseback Riding
    • IW - Iron Working
    • TW -The Wheel

    :c5strength: Units
    • Armored Unit - A unit class comprised of Tank, Modern Armor and Giant Death Robot.
    • CC - Companion Cavalry
    • CKN - Chu-ku-no.
    • GDR - Giant Death Robot
    • LS - Long Swordsman
    • MA - Modern Armor
    • MI - Mechanized Infantry
    • Melee unit - Any unit that engages in combat with an adjacent unit where both parties are damaged such as a Warrior or Rifleman.
    • Ranged Unit - Any unit that engages in ranged combat such as an Archer or Catapult.
    • Siege Weapon - Ranged units with a vs city bonus, specifically Catapult, Trebuchet, Cannon, Artillery and Rocket Artillery.
    • SotL - Ship of the Line (English UU, replaces Frigate).

    • MPM - Mud Pyramid Mosque
    • NC - National College

    :c5culture: World Wonders
    • AW - Angkor Wat
    • CI - Chichen Itza
    • CR - Cristo Redentor
    • ET - Eiffel Tower
    • FP - Forbidden Palace
    • GL - Great Library
    • GLH - Great LightHouse
    • GW - Great Wall
    • HG - Hanging Gardens
    • HS - Hagia Sophia
    • MoH - Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
    • ND - Notre Dame
    • PT - Porcelain Tower
    • SC - Sistine Chapel
    • SH - Stonehenge
    • SOH - Sydney Opera House
    • SoZ - Statue of Zeus
    • ToA - Temple of Artemis
    • UN - United Nations

    :c5happy: Miscellaneous Terms and Acronyms
    • 1UpT - 1 Unit per Tile
    • AA - Anti-aircraft
    • AI - Artificial Intelligence. The computer programming that "plays" non-human-directed civs.
    • Barbs - Barbarians
    • BpT - Beakers per Turn
    • Civ - Civilization
    • CoD - Carpet of Doom. The map, or a section of the map, where there's a unit on most or all tiles.
    • CpT - Culture per Turn
    • CS - City-State or Combat Strength.
    • Diplo hit - Decline in relationship with another civ or civs caused by a player action.
    • DoF - Declaration of Friendship
    • DoW - Declaration of War
    • DLC - Down Loadable Content.
    • FoY - Fountain Of Youth
    • GA - Golden Age
    • GBR - Great Barrier Reef
    • gov - Government
    • GpT - Gold Per Turn
    • GPP - Great Person Points
    • Hammers - Units of production
    • HoF - Hall of Fame
    • HP - Hit Point(s)
    • LE - Landed Elite (Social Policy)
    • LOS - Line of Sight
    • LP - Let’s Play: A game recorded as a video and presented online.
    • Lux - Luxury resource
    • MP - Multiplayer Game
    • NW - Natural Wonder(s) or National Wonder(s)
    • OB - Open Borders
    • OCC - One City Challenge - Game play mode where the player can build only one city.
    • OP - Overpowered (on forums, OP also refers to 'opening/original poster' or 'opening/original post').
    • pop - Population
    • RA - Research Agreement
    • RNG - Random Number Generator
    • SoD - Stack of Doom (Note: the SoD is obsolete in CiV)
    • SP - Single Player or Social Policy
    • Turtle - A civ that uses a powerful military for defense only / they are suited for defence. Korea is an example.
    • UA - Unique Ability - Civ-specific ability
    • UB - Unique Building - Civ-specific building
    • UI - Unique Improvement - Civ-specific improvement
    • UU - Unique Unit - Civ-Specific Unit
    • UC - Unique Component - Civ-specific ability, building, improvement or unit
    • Vanilla version - The unmodified, as sold version of the game.
    • VEM - Vanilla Enhanced Mod - Thalassicus’ mod that changes the balance of Vanilla version CiV while remaining close to the Vanilla version.
    • VC - Victory Condition.
    • WOTAW - Wonders Of The Ancient World.


    1. acronyms.png