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[Civ5] Great Fashion 2016-10-05

[Civ5] Great Fashion

  1. Chinese American
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    The Great Fashion War

    The purpose of this project is to introduce an element of mankind that has been sorely neglected in Civ series: fabrics, clothes, fashion, jewelry, perfumes, et al. The hope is a collaborative effort that brings a new, fresh element to empire building. Welcomed are artists, ideas, writers, and historians to contribute to this project.

    Project Overview:
    New techs (e.g. Fabric, Fashion, Jewelry Making, etc.)
    New specialist, Great People, Great Works, and mission (Designer, Great Designer, Great Designs, Fashion Show)
    New Buildings (e.g. Loom, Jeweler, Fashion House, Textile Mill, Catwalk, Fashion Capital)
    Resource tie-ins (e.g. Cows, Sheep, Flax, Cotton, Dye, Gems)
    Policies, tourism, and other bonuses will incorporate new specialist and great people
    Names of Great Designers from all eras and cultures