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Civ5 MediEVO (Medieval Era Extension) 2016-10-05

Civ5 MediEVO (Medieval Era Extension)

  1. rf900
    In MediEVO (MEVO) you will play Civilization V focusing in the Medieval Era which I find fascinating. This is not a scenario, but a normal CivV game with modifications that will play mostly during the Medieval Times. It will have gameplay changes directed to give a better feel of playing during that period.

    With the new combat system the units during this period are very well balanced and provide interesting battles. As the period remains unchanged mostly, the combat will seem more real. Also focusing on one era lets you enjoy the units and buildings without the constant fast science progress that makes thing obsolete before building them and creates situations with old vs new items.

    So basically the game will start the same during the first to periods (ancient and classical), it should be fast. When entering Medieval Era speed will decrease GREATLY. The game will end by time in the year 1550, and the victory conditions will match to keep the balance. The total length of the game will try to be similar to the vanilla version in each of its speeds.