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Civ5 : Mine Prospectors 2016-10-05

Civ5 : Mine Prospectors

  1. Hulfgar
    With this mod Workers have a chance to discover Gold, Silver, Gems, Coal, Uranium, Aluminium, Copper or Iron when building a Mine.

    The odds are :

    Nothing found : 50%
    Iron : 10%
    Coal : 10%
    Aluminium : 10%
    Copper : 4%
    Silver : 4%
    Gold : 4%
    Gems : 4%
    Uranium : 4%

    It should be compatible with any mod and with any savegame.
    If you use it with a savegame the chance to discover something will be applied to new mines ,not to mines that are already build.


    1. mineprospectors_Iaj.jpg