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CIV5 : Watchtower 2016-10-05

CIV5 : Watchtower

  1. Hulfgar
    The Watchtower will grant a +3 Visibility Range for any unit stationed on the tile.
    This promotion is lost if the unit leaves the Watchtower.

    Unlocked with replaceable parts
    Buildable on resources
    Buildable outside the Civ's borders
    Cannot be adjacent to another Watchtower
    Destroyed if pillaged.

    Credits :
    Watchtower under build : Ekmek (I use his bunker under build skin)
    Watchtower model : conversion of the outpost from EE2 converted to Civ4 by Walter Hawkwood.
    Civ5 conversion of the Civ4 model : Hulfgar

    It should be compatible with any mod, not tested with G&K and vanilla Civ5.

    Special thanks to :
    Ekmek and Danrell for the Tutos on converting buildings
    Darkscythe for the time he used to explain me the magic of Lua coding.


    1. watchtower_3_T8r.jpg