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Civ6 - Wildlife Mod 0.4

This Mod adds several Predator-Animals to Civ6...you better dont make them angry

  1. ShiroToraRyu
    This Mod is an attempt to bring Wildlife to Civ6.

    The mod is not completed yet, but i thought i upload it, so that everyone who wants can test it and will hopefully give feedback.

    The mod is created mostly by me, but would have never got that far without @Deliverator ( you know why)

    and @LeeS (provided most of the working lua code). Thank you guys :)

    but i would also like to thank @raen for help with lua, @Tiramisu mostly for give some additional ideas

    for the mod, and Civitar for his a bit ugly to be honest :D, but also awesome and scary Kraken animal model plus the animations.

    Thanks to you all ! :)

    The main concept of the mod is, that animals spawn as Barbarians, but not instead of the barbarians, but as additional barbarians :)

    The mod is in version 0.1 stage, that means there are known issues, and there will be probably unknown issues...if you try the mod and then give Feedback here, would be very appreciated.

    Known issues:

    -the animals will spawn only on the Original-Civ6-Earth Map for now. I will add support for the other maps and perhaps for YNAEMP-Maps later.

    -the only ocean animal which spawns, is the Humpback Whale, and i dont know why only the Whale is spawning, but i still try to figure out why.

    -when the Whale is on coast tiles ( yep, this can happen sometimes), parts of the body will disappear, under the ground. There is not much i can do. I can make it so that the Whale swims higher, and then it will be better, but then also the Whale will not swim anymore, then it would look like the Whale would fly over the water, so i think its the best middle way as it is now.

    so....here are some Screenshots to show the animals...and then i wish you happy Testing!


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  1. Deliverator
    Version: 0.1
    Great start! Hope to see this develop.