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[CivBE] The Caribbean Axis Sponsor 2016-10-05

Adds The Caribbean Axis sponsor to Beyond Earth, an idealist-revolutionry faction from the Caribean. It also adds Revolutionaries as colonists and Ideology Books as cargo.

In the times of the Great Mistake, a new revolutionary movement started in the Caribbean, in hopes of uniting the Caribbean under the flag of idealism and revolution as inspired by José Marti. The revolution was succesful, and now the Caribbean nations stand united as the Caribbean Axis. Hoping to build utopia in the new planet, the Caribbean Axis is now ready for seeding!
The Caribbean Axis Led by Comandante Gonzales III
UA: Revolución Eterna: Earn Affinity Points towards your dominant affinity whenever conquering cities. +2 Production on cities with a garrisoned unit.

Diplo Screenshot
Pedia Screenshot
Faction Progress
New Colonists:
Revolutionaries: +2 Culture and +1 Production on every city.
New Cargo:
Ideology Books: Start with a free Affinity Level of your choice.

Please note that because of fancy issues with 2D leaderscenes you must play with Leader Quality set to minimun (check on the advanced settings on the Video tab)

Also, given the early stage of the game, balance is not yet fully tested, please try to tell me any particular issue you have with it politely

Leugi's Sponsors thread at CivFanatics!
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