CivCracker - CivWin Full Editor (incl map) 1.0.4031.13925

Full save game & map editor for Civilization 1 for Windows, converts CivDOS save games to CivWin

  1. Blake00
    This amazing editor and its creator @MountainMn10 disappeared a long time ago sadly so I'm adding it here so people know that there IS a CivWin editor and will never forget his work.

    CivCracker is a full save game & map editor for Civilization 1 for Windows.

    It also converts CivDOS save games to CivWin save game format which is a very handy feature if you prefer building scenarios or editing your saves in JCivED (arguably the greatest CivDOS full editor of them all)!

    This program requires Dot Net Framework 2.0 which you can download easily using Windows Update.

    There is no official documentation however this information was in the Help - About window:
    Civ Cracker

    Copyright (c) 2011 Dynacom Software, LLC

    Developed by Chris Havelick ( @MountainMn10 )

    A Game Editor for Civilization for Windows

    This could not have been developed without the help of other Civilization Fanatics Forum Members.

    Portions of this program were adapted from the efforts of
    Honza.Havlicek Dack
    Gowron Joel McIntyre
    Gaborka Holger Eichmann


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