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CivDOS Updated Sound Drivers 1.0

The official Microprose sound drivers update patch for the DOS version of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 adding support for many more sound devices including General MIDI.

Official patch documentation
New sound drivers for Civilization

Due to the continued popularity of MicroProse's best seller, Civilization,
your friends in the MPS Sound Department have created new sound drivers to
support the latest sound cards.

Support is added for all OPL-3 based FM cards (Pro Audio Spectrum Plus, 16,
Studio; Sound Blaster Pro, 16, 16ASP, AWE32; AdLib/Cardinal Gold; Microsoft
Windows Sound System; and all compatibles) and for any General MIDI card or
external synth via a standard MPU-401 type MIDI interface. The General MIDI
driver is optimized for the Roland SCC-1, but works well on any GM device.

First unzip this archive to your mps\civ directory, then run 'SOUND' (in the
Civ directory) to specify your card's type and address. As you run Civ, when
it asks you what sound card you are using, select #6, Custom sound driver.

Included Files
SOUND.EXE - sound install program
PSOUND.CVL - Pro cards (OPL-3) driver
GSOUND.CVL - General MIDI sound driver
CONFIG.SND - sound card configuration file
README.SND - this file

MPS Sound Department - April, 1994
First release
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