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CivFusion 0.50 2016-10-05

CivFusion 0.50

  1. ripple01
    CivFusion by ripple01
    Beyond The Sword 3.13 w/ Bhruic's Unofficial Patch 1.11
    v. 0.50

    Thread URL: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=250745

    Caution: CivFusion 0.50 is 300MB zipped, and almost 600MB unzipped. I recommend a middle-to-high end system for best results.


    1) New Civilizations

    Holy Roman Empire removed - Charlemagne moved to 3rd leader for Germany
    Native American civ removed - Sitting Bull added as leader for Sioux

    10 new civilizations with leaderheads, UU's, UB's, First Contact text, flags, etc.
    * = Custom soundtrack included

    Austria (Franz Josef*, Maria Theresa*)
    Brazil (Dom Pedro II)
    Hittite (Mursilis, Suppiluliuma)
    Iroqouis (Deganawida*, Hiawatha*)
    Israel (David*, Solomon*)
    Poland (Casimir*, Sobieski*)
    Polynesia (Salamasina)
    Siam (Mongkut)
    Sioux (Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull*)
    1 yet to be determined

    2) New Leaders

    12 new leaders for existing Civs
    * = Custom soundtrack included

    Arabia - Harun al-Rashid*
    Babylon - Nabuchadrezzar II*
    Byzantium - Theodora
    Carthage - Dido
    Dutch - Johan de Witt*
    Ethiopia - Menelik II*
    Japan - Hirohito*
    Korea - Sejong the Great*
    Portugal - Henrique I*
    Spain - Carlos I*
    Vikings - Canute*
    Zulu - Cetshwayo*

    Custom soundtrack added for existing leaders

    De Gaulle
    Pericles (partial)
    Darius (partial)

    3) New Leader Trait

    Seafaring- Free Promotion (Navigation 1) to naval units, 50% Faster Production of Work Boat, Double Production Speed of Lighthouse, Harbor

    Added Double Production Speed of Town Clock to Organized to compensate for Lighthouse
    Added Double Production Speed of Aqueduct to Expansive to compensate for Harbor

    A trait overhaul will come in a future version, when I can get a SDK coder

    4) A radically expanded and retooled tech tree

    # of techs in each era:

    Ancient- 31
    Classical - 22
    Medieval - 21
    Renaissance - 27
    Industrial - 33
    Modern - 33
    Future - 4

    Total - 171

    5) New units

    Over 20 new units have been added to increase the number of choices available as regards to air, sea, and land warfare and espionage.

    Battering Ram
    Siege Quinquereme
    War Galley
    Man Of War
    Anti-Aircraft Gun
    Early Destroyer
    Early Tank
    Early Infantry
    Military Freighter
    Intercontinental Bomber
    Strike Fighter

    6) New City Improvements

    Archery Range
    Siege Workshop
    Town Clock
    Alchemists Shop
    Shooting Range
    Sewer System
    TV Station
    Tank Factory
    Solar Plant
    Fusion Plant

    7) New Wonders

    The Sphinx
    Flavian Amphitheatre
    The Art of War
    Leaning Tower of Pisa
    JS Bach's Cathedral
    King Richard's Crusade
    Magellan's Voyage
    Leonardo's Workshop
    Copenicus's Observatory
    Isaac Newton's College
    Trafalgar Square
    Theory Of Evolution
    Adam Smith's Trading Company
    Spirit Of St. Louis
    World Trade Center
    SETI Program
    Cure For Cancer

    8) New Religions

    4 religions have been added to the game with their corresponding buildings and units.


    The mod will pick 7 out of the available 11 religions for each new game so each game will have a different set of religions. (Thanks, zebra01)

    9) New Civics

    Coming Soon - I need SDK help to implement the Civics as I want them.

    10) New Resources


    11) New Corporations

    Coming soon - I'd like to add 4 corporations with 7 different corporations used per game, same as the religions

    The new corporations will make some use of the unused existing resources and the new resources

    12) Custom Game Speed - CivFusion

    905 turns of gaming goodness -ample time to enjoy all of the new toys included.

    13) More flavor

    Varietas Delicatat 3.0 by avain
    Ethnic Artstyles 1.06 by Geomodder
    Poland flavor units by danrell
    Sioux and Iroquois units by bernie18

    SevoPedia 2.3.2 by LunarMongoose, Guarav, sevo
    Main Screen Mod by Almightix
    Inquisitor Mod 1.6 by bmarnz

    Dreadnought reskin by danrell
    Proper Crossings by Niessuh

    14) Many other tweaks/gameplay changes!