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CivFusion 0.55 Patch 2016-10-05

CivFusion 0.55 Patch

  1. ripple01
    CivFusion 0.55
    Patch release (requires you have civFusion 0.50 and CivFusion 0.52 Patch installed)

    To install, unzip into the CivFusion directory and overwrite all files.



    Added Charles V LH and button by CRoland
    Added Dido button by CRoland
    Added Iroquois Horse Archer, Man-at-Arms, Longbowman (as Mohawk Archer UU), Pikeman, Knight, Rifleman, Cavalry and Cuirassier by bernie14
    Added German Spearman and Celtic Spearman by Chugginator
    Added Austrian Rifleman by unknown
    Added music for Pericles (Complete), Suleiman (Middle), Canute (Early, Middle), Boudica (Middle)
    Added many tech, building, and wonder civilopedia entries
    Added new tech, Transistors, and moved Electronics back slightly, few other surrounding techs adjusted
    Added tech quotes for Advanced Computing, Mechanized Warfare, Urbanization, Naval Warfare and Military Tradition
    Added wonder movie for Forbidden Palace by GIR (disabled for current patch)
    Adjusted resource appearance rates and attributes for new resources
    Adjusted stats for Adam Smith and World Trade Center wonders
    Adjusted some tech costs to accomodate gamespeed changes
    Changed Israeli Empire to Hebrew Empire
    Fixed ArtDefine for Sioux Musketman
    Fixed Dido pedia text and Quantum Mechanics tech quote
    Fixed bug where only 3 executives were able to be built for an entire game
    Fixed incorrect text key for Hellenism adjective
    Fixed missing corporation icons
    Fixed XML bug with Sioux UU, Brule Warrior
    Increased number of active executives per player to 5
    Revamped the gamespeeds -
    Changed start date back to 4000 BC
    Marathon speed is unchanged
    CivFusion speed is now the replacement for Epic speed
    Normal speed is now 600 turns
    Quick speed is now 380 turns


    Fixed missing eye texture for Dido
    Fixed ArtDefines for Maya Crossbowman, Iroquois Crossbowman, and MesoAmerican Horseman
    Added Iroquois Archer and Spearman by bernie14
    Added civilopedia text for Hittites, Suppiliuliuma, Hirohito, Dido, new resources, and some missing religion text, some techs
    Added First Contact text for Hirohito
    Added music for Dido (Complete) and for Theodora (Early, Middle)
    Added GreatPersonMod for BtS by Roamty
    Added Tech quotes for Quantum Mechanics and Aeronautics


    Added buttons for Arquebusier, Build Espionage
    Updated Varietas Delectat to v. 3.1
    Add 3 Iroquois units by bernie14
    Fixed ArtDefines for Sioux Spearman, Crossbowman, Knight, Brule Warrior
    Upped Culture thresholds for all gamespeeds
    Adjusted some classical/medieval period tech costs


    Initial Release